iPhone 3GS Or HTC Radar


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    iPhone 3GS Or HTC Radar Empty iPhone 3GS Or HTC Radar

    Post by terzaras on Sun Dec 25, 2011 9:01 pm

    Ok Here Is The Deal I Broke My Phone So i Thinking Of Getting A New One And Im Thinking Of Getting The iPhone 3GS Or The HTC Radar And Here Is Why:

    iPhone 3GS:

    iPhone 3GS Or HTC Radar A9451d10

    Well Im Not So Good On Money So i Want Something That Is Decent On Speed And Gaming.

    HTC Radar:

    iPhone 3GS Or HTC Radar Htc-ra10

    Again Since Im Not Good On Money A Want Somthing Fast With Good Graphics For Gaming And That Looks Cool And Has Something Different From Other Phones.

    Well The Reason Im Asking For Your Opinions Is Because I Love Gaming On Portable Devices And Because I love Windows Phones But Im Not Sure About Jailbreaking Windows Phone And i Know Everything On How To Do It On iPhone But I Love Windows.

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