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    Post by Kojo on Sun Apr 24, 2011 3:49 pm

    Monsters: [24]

    2x Celestia
    3x Ryko
    3x Wulf
    2x Ehren
    1x Garoth
    2x Jain
    1x Lumina
    3x Lyla
    2x JD
    1x Plague
    1x Bulb
    1x Necro
    1x Honest
    1x Gorz

    Spells: [9]

    1x Brigade
    3x Solar Recharge
    1x Monster Reborn
    2x MST
    1x Dark Hole
    1x BoM

    Traps: [7]

    1x Solemn J
    2x Solemn W
    2x BTH
    1x Mirror Force
    1x TT

    [colore=grey]Synchro: [15][/color]

    2x Cat
    1x Brio
    1x BRD
    1x Gaia
    1x Armory
    1x Doom Dragoon
    1x Iron Chain Dragon
    1x Mist Wurm
    1x Android
    1x Scrap Dragon
    2x SD
    1x RDA
    1x Trish

    Fixes and comments plz. I knw 3 Wulf seems a bit much but it works well in the deck.

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    Re: LightSworns

    Post by KingWolfy on Sun Apr 24, 2011 5:18 pm

    I don't see much that needs to change, after all I'm not too much of an LS expert.

    Few Combinations I thought about after starring at this:

    -1 Wulf and TT or MF(More so MF)
    +2 Trap Stun or Decree(Although, like I told Alu, it depends on how you mill)

    -1 BoM and TT or MF
    +2 Trap Stun or Decree

    Dropping MF over TT: There is no waiting with TT, You can really stop a mass summon combo. Keeping MF doesn't do much with your defense, considering the speed and swarm power of LS.

    Adding in Trap Stun: Sets you up for JD and Synchros 1-2(Depends on Hand and Grave).

    The reason I thought of dropping BoM is because its now at one, and doesn't have much use in and LS deck. The possibilities of milling a Limited Card is high as opposed to milling a card with extra copies in the deck. (Ofc, we can easily get screwed over with that thought.)

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    Re: LightSworns

    Post by BunnyBun on Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:50 am

    Consider Monster Reincarnation because you will need for judgement dragon due to all the other lightsworns discarding. You will never know when a judgment dragon might be thrown into the grave. Some cards such as giant trunade and mystical space might be helpful. Especially trap stun to make sure you summon your dragon safely.

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    Re: LightSworns

    Post by overd0se.KayKay on Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:00 pm

    I would take out 1 Jain. I dont like her.

    Add 2 Card Trooper. Its a very good card. It can mill 3 cards which is pretty good and it allows you to draw 1 card most of the time.

    Foolish Burial is a pretty nice card aswell. Its a -1 but it can give you a great advantage. If you take a bulb then you can even mill one more time.

    Another card you can add is Pot of Avarice. I really love this card this format. You add 5 cards intoi your deck which can be reused and draw 2. 1-2 are okay.

    Beckoning light is another card I prefer and even over Monster reincarnation as it gives you a new hand and can kill a dead hand. 0-1 is enough imo as you dont want too much traps in your deck.

    I would play alot of decrees aswell. As traps just slow you down. So some traps out wouldnt be bad aswell.

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    Re: LightSworns

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