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    Starter Guide to KCDA

    Post by The Detonator on Tue Apr 19, 2011 1:53 pm

    Kaiba Corp Duel Academy (KCDA) is all about making friends, dueling, and friendly competition.

    Dueling System and Hamachi

    KCDA uses the Kaiba Corp Virtual Duel System (KCVDS). That system is the only system that is official for our tournaments, duel arenas, and any other sort of dueling event held in this website. If you don't have KCVDS a download link can be found by clicking here. Make sure to register, otherwise you can't use this system, and try to be active in their site as well as ours. Without them this site wouldn't exist.

    Hamachi will allow you to host duels in KCVDS as well as keep yourself communicated with members of our forum. If you don't have Hamachi please follow the download link by clicking here. The version in the link is an old version, and it is recommended that you use this version as the newer versions have been known to cause problems for our members. Once you've downloaded and installed Hamachi make sure to join an academy network (where applicable). For now we are urging new and current members to join the following premium hamachi:

    Hamachi: 033-843-633
    Pass: DOE


    Before you can do anything in our site you must register. If you haven't already registered, it is very simple. First you scroll to the top of the forum and look for the register tab . Once you click there, you will be taken to a new page where you will be asked to come up with a Forum Name and password as well as your email address (please make sure to properly spell your e-mail so that you may receive notifications from the board). After that, you will be asked to type a captcha, once you finish that your account will be activated and you will be free to post in our academy by logging in.

    Editing Your Profile
    Adding an avatar and signature gives life to your profile so it's always nice when our members have some sort of personality behind their words. In order to edit your profile click on the profile tab and you will be taken to the page where edits can be made.

    These are preferences that will affect your forum experience, you should read them carefully and click yes or no to which ever preference suits you best. One common thing that people miss here is the option to "display your signature" by default No is checked so if you'd like your signature to show in your posts make sure to check Yes.

    Every member is allowed one signature, and user bar. A signature must be posted in html format, again it can't contain any improper images, and try to keep it 400x120 or less

    Avatars can be uploaded directly from your PC to your forum by clicking this tab, most avatars are 200x150 so please have that in mind when uploading, again no improper images

    Introduce Yourself
    We want to know about you, and first impressions are always important, so make sure to post an introduction by clicking here. There people will welcome you into our academy, and you will have gotten your first post.

    Getting Posts
    We are looking for activity from our members, so we'd like for everyone to be active and post in topics where they feel they can give an answer, or just discuss things. Sometimes posts are required to enter tournaments and other events, so make sure to always post. One easy way to build up your posts is to go in the off-topic section and discussing the various topics that are found posted there, you can even create your own topic and it doesn't have to be academy or yugioh related.

    Asking for Help
    Staff is not only here to moderate the forum, but to help you! You are the most important part of our academy, and if you're not happy then we can't grow as an academy. Administrators of the forum, and moderators are to help you along your experience in KCDA. Feel free to PM any Administrator or Moderator with any questions you may have about the forum, or reporting any problem you may have. We are here to have fun, so now that you know how the academy works, go out there and have some fun!

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