A Hiro's Tale

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    A Hiro's Tale

    Post by CatGirl on Tue Apr 19, 2011 1:36 pm

    A Hiro’s Tale!

    ~ CatGirl ~

    In this story, I’ve put together a set of amusing characters that’ll tell the story about a 15 yr. old orphan teen boy named Hiro, who’s trying to clear his name by attending to Roseworth High School with the help of his manic best friend,Tyrain. Along the way, Hiro meets a charming, yet an arrogant bully named Evan, and a hard-study pretty girl named Tara.
    As the story progresses, Hiro’s burning questions about his forgotten family will soon unveil once his 16th birthday arrives within 3 days… There’s no turning back on what he desires to know, he begs to understand what caused his family to fade away. Therefore, he must fight to figure it out, but it’s somewhere hidden.. Near the school.. Can he find it?

    **Some Secrets To Share**
    I don’t mind telling you what kinds of tools I’ve used to come up with this story. Might help you too if you like storytelling or whatever you like to write about. Some tips here might be what everyone else does too. Great! Very Happy

    1) When it comes to choosing a name for your characters, you ask yourself, “How would this person act? What are his/her wants? Does he/she have a sense of humor? How evil is he/she? How can he/she resolve this issue?” I mean there’s dozens of questions only you have to analyze to make a character. It can depend on who you see on TV, magazine, movie, history, or about a family member, a best friend, or someone you think can make him/her be different from everyone else other people can admire or dislike.
    It’s like you’re putting on Julius Caesar’s shoes in order to play the part of Shakespeare’s play in college; you read the script, you must know it, and begin to understand this character’s behavior of how Caesar is expressed the way Shakespeare described in the story. Once you come up to the stage and act the part, you might feel what the writer felt inside the character. From a tragic moment when his own best friend Brutus kills him, Caesar shouts, “Et tu, Brute?- Then fall Caesar!” Shocked by his best friend’s deadly hand to take away Caesar’s life, he falls. Seeing this might’ve surprised you because you might’ve felt how surprised Julius was, thus be the same to you as you follow the story.

    2) Music can do wonders, especially when it comes to Soundtracks, which is my weapon. I pick several songs to play to help blend the moods to shape moments of the chapter as I type. For example, I play a silly tune when I’m writing up a comical moment or a fight scene from a Star-Wars song. ^^

    3) An item I use for a little more inspiration, like your favorite card, picture, or anything of value right next to you while you’re typing/writing. Example: Your dad gave you a baseball signed by your favorite player for your birthday you’ll treasure forever to have beside you while you’re doing your homework and such.

    4) Some of you might’ve done this, but I’ll say anyway: Write your story on a document BEFORE you post (What I’m doing for KCDA) in case you need to make any other changes before posting (Last thoughts before ‘post publishing’). It’s a good idea to get a better view of your writing beforehand. If you just simply write your story all on the KCDA post site and something happens to mess it up before all your hard work is done.. It’ll vanish altogether! Certainly you writers out there don’t want that kind of disaster on your hands. Write and save your work on a document BEFORE posting. Once done with the final draft, you can copy/paste on the Post Edit and fancy it up whatever you want (Color, font, etc.). Trust me, you’ll be very happy if you do what I do for this story to ensure security. No pain, no gain. Very Happy

    And now the Main Cast!

    Like a Star @ heaven ~MAIN CAST~ Like a Star @ heaven

    *The Leading Hero* --- Hiro Jasaki

    Newly transferred 15 yr old Hiro Jasaki joins Roseworth High School in pursuit to clear his unknown past.
    Hiro’s lack of socializing with others made them feel uncomfortable around him because Hiro has no history of his life to tell, except the fact that he was raised in an orphanage resulting getting picked on by bullies such as Evan. Therefore, Hiro thinks that he has no interest in communicating with anyone, except for his best friend, Tyrain Salo. Most of his time in the orphanage, Hiro would relax by his favorite hiding place beneath an old abandoned stone bridge he called Loom Bridge, to read his only favorite medieval book filled with adventure stories of heroism, tragedy, and romance. It's all to fill his mind in place of his unknown memories with imagination. Other times he taught himself how to use a sword by using sticks and brooms with Tyrain over time while they were kids. Hiro's potential is unknown, which makes him hard to understand what he wants to do in the future.
    His personality describes him to be fickle and docile of a person. So unbelievably hard to predict. Talking to school principals, squealing girls who have crushes on Hiro, and to chat with others makes him uncomfortable too. Despite all that, he’s rarely seen as conscientious while he trains on his own turf with his fantasies he reads from his favorite books. Alone with his mind near the bridge, he reveals his inner self as a warrior, hungry for a chance to thrive what he hoped to believe that he’s some kind of knight fighting to save a life. Sadly, he knows it’s only a dream. Yet, he firmly believes his fantasy to be true.
    Truthfully, all of his questions about his past and his medieval fantasies are about to unfold.

    *The Best Friend*---Tyrain Salo

    Long time 15 year old friend of Hiro’s for 10 years and he still puts up to Hiro’s strange fantasies, although Tyrain does find their game of sword fighting amusingly fun (Hiro keeps telling him it’s no game, it’s some part of his hidden talent he never knew he had; could Hiro’s father be a knight?). Tyrain’s lifestyle consists of wealth selling energy-saving electric Hummers, Toyotas, and other major car products. When he first met Hiro, Tyrain asked his own parents to help him get an education to attend to Roseworth High School with him, the wealthiest high school in Tokyo. He does all he can to keep Hiro out of trouble among other snob bullies from insults about Hiro’s unknown past in his own deceitful and loud-mouth way in order to prevent a possible fight. But it sometimes lands him into detentions to risk his neck for Hiro’s sake, because he knows how upsetting it is talking about Hiro’s past. Later on, he’ll know there’re more dangerous things than just mopping floors down the hall and scrubbing cafeteria dishes. Not even close compared to what’s normal.
    Highly dogmatic when it comes to Hiro reading fantasy books about Knights of the Round Table and such, so he attempts to exchange them for more appropriate modern reading material like race car models, geographical history, invention of the iPod, and whatever else he can get to rid Hiro of his silly imaginations. Even though Tyrain pressures Hiro to forget about looking back at passed troubles, he still confides in him with consideration. Extroverted like you wouldn’t believe, especially when it comes to his favorite Rock music group: The Core Stars.

    *The Girlfriend*--- Tara Yuui

    Freshman year Roseworth High School student Tara Yuui is soon-to-be Hiro’s secret crush on his first day in high school. She doesn’t even know how much she means to Hiro while she’s quietly studying outside by the school garden’s water fountain. Nor does she notice that she receives a lot of secretive attention from him almost everyday, as in Hiro spies on her to make sure nothing crosses her path like a guardian angel keeping watch over her soul. Tara has some difficulties to concentrate on her studies when Evan shows up to tease and she tries to escape from him. Constant following by Evan and Hiro made her uneasy for a while, but later she comes to rely on Hiro to defend her from the annoying Evan which of course gave Hiro a chance to get to know her. He learns that her mother works as a landscaping architect and her father is a gourmet chef. She then asked Hiro what his life was like, but instead of telling her the actual truth, he bends his story by what he read from his books of his father selling the sweetest wine and his mother sold beautiful garments. This plan almost made Tara doubtful, but thankfully she believes his story. Tara will soon be surprised for what lies ahead for the two of them.
    Very enthusiastic with her studies, yet she tends to be on the shy side when she wants to speak out her ideas. If Hiro hangs around, she unwinds to better describe what she wants to share. She shows to many of her own friends how considerate she really is when she helps tend to the library on an everyday basis. Therefore, she dreams to be a librarian, but Hiro says she should be a writer because she spoke of telling colorful stories for many people to enjoy and hope to publish them all.

    *The Show-Off*--- Evan Baily

    Junior year Roseworth High School student is smug, handsome, and an ambitious teen bully, who delights himself the company of other high school girls drooling over him while he has his eyes set on teasing the hard-studying Tara. Evan’s aggressive side puts him on edge when he’s constantly confronted against Hiro whenever he comes too close to Tara’s strong dislike. Nobody is safe around a punk like Evan, you should pretty much get into your classroom before he gets close enough to make you his punching bag, but he easily gets away with it. Talk about unfair. His constant verbal insults on Hiro’s life puts Tyrain on boiling water and is sent to detention while Evan twists his lies to the teachers who find both Evan and Tyrain throwing punches in the hallway. If you think Evan’s life of bullying is bad enough, wonder what fate will come to him later as the truth of Hiro’s past comes into view.
    Oh, he’s extremely spiteful towards Hiro. Evan builds up on his rage, jealousy, and hatred shouting catty words to weaken Hiro’s assertiveness. He’s conceited to have everyone at the school so intimidated, which leaves Hiro and Tyrain to deal with Evan’s bossy attitude everyday and being very manipulative in all of his efforts to seize Tara as his girlfriend by force.

    **NOTE**: This story is suitable for all ages. I guarantee it. Very Happy

    I’ll do my best to update this post due to busy hours. Chapter #s on this topic will change.

    Special thanks go to DanceJonDance, who suggested a story to share for every member of KCDA. Smile
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…
    A Hiro’s Tale

    Enjoy the story guys! Wink

    Chapter 01

    At an old abandoned stone bridge covered with vines and water does not flow beneath it. You find Hiro lying underneath the bridge holding a book over his head calmly reading to himself.
    Hiro (Calmly): Tragic. How sad. The knight sacrifices his life..
    Voice shouts (Annoyed): Hiro! Hey Hiro!
    Hiro calmly ignores the call.
    Voice shouts (Mocking tune): Oh, Hiro! I know you’re there someplace!
    Hiro continues to ignore the voice as he reads on.
    Voice shouts (Really annoyed): Hiro! I know you can hear me! Quit ignoring me again!!
    Still not bothering to get up and continues to read.
    Voice belonging to Tyrain comes into view from the corner of the bridge with an irritated stare and struts toward Hiro.
    Tyrain stops 2 ft. away from him (Annoyed): Geeze, Hiro! What gives!?
    Hiro (Calmly): Yes Tyrain. I’ve heard you shouting towards the heavens.
    Tyrain (Mad): Oh, don’t start with that Renaissance talk again. Why the heck didn’t you answer me?
    Hiro (Calmly): Because if I did, you criticize my reading and I would, again, be forced to stop reading at the very moment when-
    Tyrain (Mad): Yeah. Yeah. Mr. Tin Man has a hard time getting over a wimpy wooden fence and finally splurts out to his dearly sobbing girlfriend, [Imitates the knight resting on one knee with both hands at his chest] “Cynthia! Will you get a hold of yourself and marry me already so Hiro can go to Roseworth High School?”
    Hiro closes his book (Calmly): You spoil dramatic moments more than spoiling me.
    Tyrain stands (Mad): Oh, please! Are you kiddin’? Same book for ten years? Who can stand reading it for ten years since I’ve known you!? The only book you ever read!
    Hiro glares (Sternly): Please Tyrain. It’s all I have before my parents suddenly disappeared from the face of the Earth. I would appreciate it that you should at least-
    Tyrain (Scoffs): Sorry, man. Sorry. But are you just too closed-minded with just the one book and nothing else? Come on, man. At least read a book on the side once in a while. Which reminds me, did you finish reading my sociality book I’ve loaned you?
    Hiro (Calmly): No.
    Tyrain (Frantic): What?! Why?
    Hiro (Calmly): Does not interest me to socialize with people other than you.
    Tyrain (Slightly mad): Oh, fine. I wanted you to know what school life’s gonna be like Hiro. You gotta prepare yourself to talk to people… (Mad) Like a human being!
    Hiro (Stern): I know how to socialize. I don’t need that book.
    Tyrain (Mad): Since when!? I’ve never seen you talk to anyone else besides me!
    Hiro (Stern): Exactly. You’re the only one. I assume there must be people who act the same way as you.
    Tyrain almost falls over (Irritated): Wrong!! Hiro! You’ll be surrounded by people that are not from some freaky fairy land full of peasants! And another thing is that I won’t be around if we happen to split into our classes constantly for the next four years! Give me that! (Yanks the book from Hiro)
    Hiro gets up to retrieve the book (Getting mad): Give it back Tyrain! (Tyrain bobs and waves against Hiro’s attempts to grab the book) Leave me the way I am!
    Tyrain dashes off across the field with Hiro running right behind him.
    Hiro (Mad): Stop and give me back my book!
    Tyrain looks over his shoulder (Mad): Nuh-uh! You want it back, you better start reading other books that’ll open your mind instead of being closed-minded! You need to shape up for your future Hiro!! I'm not kidding!
    Both continue to run…
    At Roseworth High School entrance at 8:50 A.M.
    Tyrian makes it up towards the entrance and stops by the gate before Hiro catches up right beside him.
    They gasp for air for a minute. Then Hiro yanks the book roughly away from Tyrain. They throw angered glances a each other for a moment.
    Hiro (Mad): Huff.. This… Is pathetic Tyrain.. Huff.. What makes you think I’m closed-minded? Huff..
    Tyrain (Mad): Hiro. Same book.. For ten years…Huff.. Is about.. Huff.. Enough.. Sigh.. (Recovered) You gotta start expanding your lack of knowledge man. I’m doin’ this favor for you as a friend. My parents were more than generous enough to give the both of us a fancy education. I’m not gonna let you back down an opportunity of a lifetime. You got me? I’ll fight ya the same way with your chopsticks game.
    Hiro (Annoyed): How many times have I told you? Wooden sword training is not a game.
    Tyrain (Smug): Whatever you call it, I’ll be using it to fight our way into our classroom.
    Hiro stares irritated, then lifts his head to look at the school building. Hiro’s eyes widen some in surprise at the beauty of the school; almost everywhere looks more like a 4-story greenhouse more than a 4-story school, an enormous statue of a wise old man holding a book on one hand and holding scales on the other hand on top of the water fountain. Large walkways lead towards the hedge of red rose bushes near the huge entrance door.
    Hiro (Amazed): This is Roseworth High School?
    Tyrain smirks (Slyly): Yup! Come on! Our first class is on in ten minutes!
    Hiro blushes (Surprised): Wait. Class is today?
    Tyrain (Annoyed): Yeah? That’s why I went to look for ya. We’re gonna be late!
    Hiro (Surprised): Why didn’t you tell me?
    Tyrain (Not amused): Hey, I’ve called ya. Forget it now. Cuze you've ignored me, this is what you’ll get. (Opens gate) Lets go, or we’ll be late already! I don’t wanna land ourselves into detention right off the bat!
    Hiro follows Tyrain into the school grounds.
    Inside the Rose Hall, Tyrain anxiously glimpses around for their classroom, while Hiro stares curiously at the lockers.
    Tyrain (Anxious): Huh. Room A-24 should be around here someplace.
    Tyrain spots Hiro examining a locker.
    Hiro (Curious): What are these? Closets?
    Tyrain tries not to laugh (Pleasant): C-Close. Those are student lockers where you can put your personal stuff inside. Almost every one of them has a lock to protect them.
    Hiro (Anxious): Oh, so like hidden treasures?
    Tyrain walks down along the classroom doors to find their room (Smug): Heh. Swell dude. (Stops walking to face the classroom door) Found it!
    Hiro catches up next to Tyrain curiously.
    Hiro (Curiously): How many people are in the class?
    Tyrain (Plainly): Oh, maybe 15 or 20.
    Hiro freezes with a nervous stare.
    Tyrain places hand on Hiro’s shoulder (Smirks): It’s alright man. I’m in the same room as you.
    Hiro blushes harder (Nervously): That’s not what I’m referring to Tyrain.
    Tyrain (Smirking): Heh. Don't worry, I’m right behind ya pal.
    Hiro (Nervous): No, let me stay behind you and go back to Loom Bridge.
    Tyrain opens the door wide open (Smug): Nope!
    Ta da!
    Hiro blushes red in embarrassment. He sees the students stare curiously at Hiro and Tyrain- The girls squeal hysterically at them. Guys react staring surprisingly with anxious glares at Hiro and Tyrain.
    Girl 1 with blonde hair (Heart eyed with excitement): Wow! Who are those dreamy guys?!
    Girl 2 brunette (Heart eyed): Are they rich with cuteness!?
    Girl 3 blonde (Heart eyed): Either one can sit next to me!! I don’t mind!
    Hiro blushes in panic and whispers (Nervously): Tyrain..! Please, I beg of you..!
    Tyrain grabs Hiro and drags him in whispering (Sneakily): See? They already have an interest in you already on your first day!
    Teacher {Lady} shifts her glasses (Annoyed): Two minutes late?
    Tyrain has his arm around Hiro's shoulder (Who is still red in the face) and makes a pose to charm the girls.
    Tyain (Smug): Sorry teach. Overslept. Won’t happen again.
    Teacher (Suspicious): Better not. I was about to sentence you two to detention if three minutes pass. But I’ll let it slide this once.
    Hiro and Tyrain walk towards their empty seats. Girls blush and try not to squeal as Hiro passes by.
    Tyrain takes his seat and stares at Hiro at the same time, thinking (Worriedly): Man, he’s fit to burst. Still, he’s gotta learn to take this crud from stalkers if he’s gonna survive High School. Dang.
    Hiro sits down. You see in 3 directions, three girls (Left, right, and front) glare with crush-blush looks at Hiro and you hear them giggle loud enough to make Hiro quietly panic and tremble.
    Hiro thinking (Nervously): How in the world can a man stand this much attention? I don’t suppose fifteen handsome knights come bursting into the room and swoon these giggling girls instead of me?
    Hiro tries to calm down: *Sigh*
    Tyrain glares nervously as he fiddles with his pencil thinking (Nervously): Hang in there man. This is only the beginning for your social nerves.


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    Re: A Hiro's Tale

    Post by CatGirl on Tue Apr 19, 2011 1:37 pm

    Chapter 02

    Hiro nervously shivers as the squealing girls continue to glare at him.
    Teacher (Serious): Before we begin, will the new students stand and state their names please?
    Tyrain stands first with a charming smirk (Slyly): Tyrain Salo’s the name! If I see you smile, you’d be sure I’d smile back at ya!
    Some girls sigh cutely at Tyrain’s charming smile.
    Teacher darkly glares (Unamused): Uncalled for Mr. Salo. Sit.
    Tyrain smirks playfully as he sits down.
    Hiro nervously stands as the girls keep staring cutely at him (Nervously): M-My name’s Hiro Jasaki.
    Girls squeal loudly—Hiro flinches and sits down to tremble some more.
    Hiro thinking (Saddened): This is impossible. Who am I to brave against the snares and traps of this strange school?
    Tyrain rests his head on his hand with irritation.
    Teacher (Seriously): Enough girls! Enough! I won’t tolerate this type of behavior in my classroom. We have one more student. Kindly stand please?
    Girl’s voice from behind Hiro (Nervously): Tara.
    Hiro’s eyes widen slightly and shifts to look over his shoulder — stands a shy long-haired brunette with green eyes.
    Tara (Nervously): Tara Yuui.
    Tyrain also sees her thinking (Slightly surprised): Gee whiz.
    Hiro stares surprisingly at her for a moment.
    Hiro thinking (Surprised): Tara..
    Tara spots Hiro staring and she blushes hard. She quickly sits back down on her chair and looks away.
    Tyrain glares at Hiro thinking (Smirks): Heh. Well, I’ll be-
    Teacher (Serious): Thank you. As for me, my name is Mrs. Laura Hiden, Mathematics Teacher of Roseworth High School. Let me remind you three, while you spend the next four years at this school. (Angered) There are to be NO failures on these term papers! If I find mistakes on your papers you return to me at my desk I’ve assigned to each of you… It’ll cost you a detention for every mistake you’ve incorrectly answered. I don’t care if an excuse will surface, I will make your punishments so unbearable that you’ll wish you’ve never should have come to this school! (Pulls out ruler) This school cannot afford wishy-washy students who sit in front of the TV twiddling their thumbs like babies! If you are not all that prepared to undergo the seriousness the School has to offer.. Then you have no place here! The reason why you are here is because you seem to have some hidden potential high enough to join and become aware that you must master drastic obstacles as we move forward. There is no turning back once you enter the grounds.. Your fate has already been sealed… (Serious) Understood?
    Tyrain, Hiro (Worse for him), and Tara stare nervously with a nod as their reply.
    Mrs. Hiden (Serious): Good.
    She thwacks her ruler back on her desk, making Hiro flinch.
    Hiro shivers thinking (Frantic): This is too much to endure! Why did Tyrain talk me into this!? I’m a dead man!
    Later at 10:05 A.M. School bell rings. A-24 door opens to let out the students (Tara follows along with the sea of students nervously) leaving Hiro and Tyrain to be last out the door.
    Tyrain comes out into the hall (Smug): Not bad on your first day huh?
    Hiro drags his feet into the hall (Greatly annoyed with slight fear): “Not bad” Tyrain? (Stops for a moment) You call being surrounded by giggling young ladies “bad!?” (Tyrain leans back a little at Hiro’s upsetting threat at him) You can’t expect me to stay calm in a room full of fairies and a witch?! (More students pass by them)
    Tyrain (Unamused): For heaven’s sake Hiro! First of all, they’re not called “Young Ladies.” We call them “girls.” Same goes for “fairies.” Second, I meant what I said; it’s not all that bad. Once you get used to it.
    Hiro (Nervously): But Tyrain. The teacher is like a witch I tell you. What can we do to survive against her and her twisted evil magic words?
    Tyrain shrugs (Unamused): Dunno. (Smug) But I do know the best thing from now on, is to show our guts with good brainy grades. You sometimes gotta give the teachers what they want.
    Hiro (Nervously): I can’t help what she doesn’t want.
    Tyrain rolls eyes (Bored): Don’t doubt yourself sooooooooo much Hiro. (Playfully smirks) Just follow my lead and you’ll do fine like a pro! (Smirk) And maybe I’ll set up a possible eyeing date for ya.
    Hiro blushes (Confused): What are you talking about? “Eyeing date?”
    Tyrain (Slyly): Oh, I couldn’t help but notice you were eyeing on that Tara girl.
    Hiro (Getting annoyed): Don’t assume anything Tyrain. I see you read too much of those scrolls.
    Tyrain (Annoyed): The newspapers?
    Hiro (Getting serious): Pay no mind, and to where this conversation is going.
    Tyrain (Slyly smirks): He. He. I saw that look in there. You really must like that Tara Yuui.
    Hiro (Getting mad): Don’t be absurd Tyrain!
    Tyrain walks away from him (Slyly): Okay, fine. I see it, but I guess you think ya know better. See ya in the next class. (Waves with his back facing Hiro)
    Hiro dashes to follow Tyrain (Mad): You know perfectly well I don’t know where the next class is Tyrain!
    Hiro rushes too fast and bumps into a blonde male student, who was carrying books and paper, and both fall roughly on the ground. Some of the student’s papers fly out the one open window.
    Hiro (In pain): Ow..! (Some papers land on him)
    Tyrain turns to see the cause (Surprised): Hiro!
    Other students stop to whisper and watch the event. Tara (Among them) comes by to see what the commotion is about and watches with concern.
    Male student stands and looks out the window (Surprised): Oh, no! (Glares angrily at Hiro) You klutz! Watch where you’re goin’!
    Hiro (Slightly nervous through pain): My apologizes.
    Male student (Getting angry): Your “apologizes?” Thanks to you, my two weeks worth of analyzing DNA processes is flown out the window! And now I’m gonna get busted all because some jerk didn’t adjust his vision! How stupid!
    Hiro (Getting slightly serious): I’m sorry. But there’s no mean to lash out.
    Male student glares (Darkly): Lash out? How about I hurl you out the window this second?
    Tyrain stands beside Hiro (Mad): Hey! Cool it dude! It was just an accident! Okay? You’ll get you’re papers back.
    Male student (Angry): What? And find them all by myself? Are you so dumb?
    Tyrain glares as Hiro stands up fully recovered (Annoyed mad): "Dumb?" I was only sayin’—
    Male student (Mad): Save it. (Glares darkly at Hiro and points at him) One of these days. You’re gonna pay if my lame teach puts an F on my paper! If that happens, you better watch your back.. You’ll never know when I’ll strike. So keep away from me if ya wanna keep your head.
    Hiro glares somewhat sternly.
    Tyrain glares (Mad): Don’t sweat it pal.
    Male student (Scoffs): Humph! A pencil stick like you will easily break.
    Tyrain attempts to charge, but Hiro grabs him from behind (Angrily): "Pencil stick!?" How about I break a twig like you?! (Students chatter loudly with anticipation)
    Hiro (Mad): Tyrain it’s not worth the risk!
    Tara places one hand in front of her mouth worriedly.
    Mrs. Hiden struts out of her classroom (Mad): What is all this racket?!
    Tyrain stops struggling and stares at Mrs. Hiden (Serious): Nothin’. I was showing my buddy here how to erase a smudge right off the window. (Male student glares darkly annoyed)
    Mrs. Hiden stares at Tyrian suspiciously. Then she faces the Male Student.
    Mrs. Hiden glares (Seriously): Well Mr. Baily?
    Hiro stares with a stern look.
    Baily (Smug): No comment Mrs. Hiden. (Walks away from them) I’ve got more things to do rather than “sticking” around. I’ll be taking “two breaks” now and then on a daily basis.
    Tyrain and Hiro watch Baily walk towards the curious students.
    Baily passes by and glares side-ways with his eyes. He spots Tara staring nervously at him before merging with the crowd..
    Mrs. Hiden (Serious): Does anyone have a class they’re going to participate next?
    Students suddenly disperse to their next class. Tara leaves the scene with the students nervously.
    Mrs. Hiden glares at Tyrain (Mad): One more attempt to start a row, you Mr. Salo will get detention!
    Tyrain (Slightly serious): No prob Teach.
    Mrs. Hiden slams the door shut, making both Hiro and Tyrain flinch.
    Both Hiro and Tyrain (Relieved): *Sigh*
    Student 1 approaches(Surprised): Wow! I can’t believe you stood your ground against Evan! (Tyrain stares curiously)
    Hiro (Curious): Evan?
    Student 2 approaches (Upset): Evan Baily. Almost everybody here is scared of him. Hardly anyone has the guts. (Happily) But you two are historical figures! Maybe we should award you a metal of honor for your bravery!
    Tyrain (Annoyed): If that plan fails, I’d give him the purple eye of agony!
    Student 2 (Worried): Don’t even try. Last year, he thrashed a student who was getting a soda from the machine.
    Tyrain and Hiro stare curiously in silence.
    Tyrain (Unamused): Beating up some kid getting a drink?
    Student 2
    (Scared): He bought Evan’s favorite drink—Dr. Pepper
    Hiro stares confusingly.
    Tyrain (Unamused): So? A fight over a can of soda? You’re kiddin’? And he says I'm "dumb."
    Student 1 (Scared): If any student, specially the guys, ever bought his favorite drink from any vending machine in the school, he really made sure that student winds up with a real Dr. Pepper in the intensive care unit.
    Hiro (Slightly serious): Like a vulture overhead, yet a dog guarding his territory. He wants to make unsuspecting students easy prey. (Tyrain glares surprisingly at Hiro’s answer)
    Tyrain grits his teeth (Mad): The Jerk..!
    Student 1 (Worried): Well, just wanna lat ya know you two should keep your distance away from him. He’s lethal enough to scare everyone to go into their classroom. If you happen to be last, have a first aid kit handy I tell ya! (Hiro glares sternly)
    Tyrain (Slightly concerned): Hey, thanks for lettin’ us know dudes. Next soda drinks’ on me. I promise it won’t be Dr. Pepper.
    Students 1 & 2 (Happy): Thanks! (Turn and leave for class)
    Tyrain stares at them leaving. He starts to look really annoyed.
    Hiro (Calmer): Evan certainly is a delirious fellow isn’t he?
    Tyrain (Mad): More like Evan the Terrible. I really don’t like him one bit.
    Hiro (Stern): It’s your word against his. I have no interest to fight him.
    Tyrain glares (Mad): Oh yes you do!
    Hiro (Anxious): I beg your pardon?
    Tyrain (Mad): Did you see the way he looked at the Tara girl?
    Hiro stares, at first, slightly surprised.
    Hiro (Stern): No I did not. But, on what grounds?
    Tyrain (Mad): Hiro, I can see this. He wants to tag along with a school of pretty girls and she happens to be the next fish fillet on his plate!
    Hiro (Almost concerned): In distress?
    Tyrain (Annoyed): You read those stories. Don’t you think it might be the case? It’s as close to a bad guy wanting to kidnap her or whatever you read from that book of yours. (Smug) If ya think you know so much about damsels in distress. Here, I’ll prove it. Like this- “Save meee!” [Pretends to do a fainting girl for Hiro to catch him—Falls] *Sigh!*
    Hiro glares with sheer annoyance, folds his arms, and takes a step back to watch Tyrain fall over.
    WHAM! ~Tyrain lands face-down.
    Tyrain stands with both fists clenched (Mad): What was that for!?
    Hiro (Stern): As you’ve stated, “Cuze you've ignored me. This is what you’ll get.” (Turns and leaves down the hallway)
    Tyrain follows along (Mad): You dumb bunny. I help you and this is the thanks I get?!
    Hiro with his back facing Tyrain (Stern): On the contraire Tyrain, with any luck I could act as incredibly insane as you.
    Tyrain follows alongside (Annoyed): That’s not what worries me! I’m talking about that nutcase Evan! (Moves towards the front of Hiro—both come to a halt) Look! If you and I are here with this jerk, school life's gonna be rough cuze of him! Look! This is what I’m talking about Hiro! You gotta stick up for yourself. One of these days man, I’m not always gonna be around to watch you like a hawk.
    Hiro (Stern): I can take care of myself. We’ve gone through this far right?
    Tyrain (Concerned): You don’t get it don’t you?
    Hiro (Getting serious): Spit it out then.
    Tyrain (Serious): Get your mind out of that book. That’s what I’m talking about. You think weird fairy tales and act like this school’s from some Victorian age or somethin’ and think almost everything’s from the book are maidens, princes, dragons, gargoyles and all that junk from your brain. You talk like those characters too. Not that I don’t mind the way you talk, it’s cool. Keep it. But life here is reality. Not a fairy land. You gotta see for what’s real and deal with what’s goin’ on before you move forward to higher standards. Got that? I know you don’t exactly’ get it yet, but can you get what I’m tryin’ to say buddy?
    Hiro stares slightly surprised. Then he makes a small smile. Tyrain stares curiously.
    Hiro (Smile): Beginning to, yes. You think I’m not connected to reality due to my past’s blank spaces. True, I don’t know what my parents have suffered, or what’s become of them before I stayed at the orphanage, but I do understand Tyrain. I’m glad you and I are best friends. Blood brothers. That remains forever branded in my memory. And I’ll do my best to make-up for what I haven’t begun to understand. In other words, I’m ready to stand up for myself.
    Tyrain (Grins): Now you’re talkin’! (Both start walking together)
    Hiro (Smile): Thank you.
    Tyrain (Smirk): I’m here for ya, ya know? (Hiro nods)
    Hiro (Smile): Oh, there is something I wanted to ask.
    Tyrain (Smug): Fire away.
    Hiro (Curious): What is a “vending machine?” (Tyrain stares annoyed)
    Tyrain (Annoyed): *Sigh.* A tall metal box that spits out drinks, but you gotta feed it a certain amount of cash in order to get a drink.
    Hiro (Curiously): Interesting.
    Tyrain kinda mumbles (Slightly annoyed): Want one before the next class?
    Hiro (Calmly smiles): Delighted.
    Tyrain (Smug): I’ll buy you a Sprite.
    Hiro (Surprised): What?! (Tyrain leans away at first surprised) That’s absurd! I’ve never heard of such a thing!
    Tyrain (Mad): Oh pipe down will ya?! It’s just the name of a drink! There are no actual sprites you get in a cage from a market as a bite-sized snack! (Sulks) Jeez!
    Hiro (Unamused): Sorry. My imaginary thoughts again.
    Both disappear around the corner. Empty hallway…
    Later, downstairs at the courtyard. Evan picks up his papers angrily.
    Evan (Mad): Tch! What a couple of know-it-alls! If they think they can bypass me, they’re not gonna be so lucky the next time. Crud! (Examines his papers stomped on with some dirt and little bits of mud) Pigs. I’m gonna yank every muddy foot off the ground and find the lame- (Looks up and stares curiously) Huh?
    You see Evan spot Tara clearly through the window inside the classroom looking down.
    Evan sneakily grins. {Not good people!!}
    Evan (Sneakily): Heh he, he. Lookie what we have here. It's that girl again. He. He. He… Now that’s priceless.

    ~ cat

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    Re: A Hiro's Tale

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    Chapter 03
    At the school cafeteria at 12:03 P.M.
    A vast 2-story glass room decorated (Background behind the window is the rose garden) with potted plants, ivy vines dangling gracefully like banners. The main center of the room has more than 30 tables (Several occupied by the students).
    Enter Hiro trying to follow Tyrain (Smirking), while staring surprisingly at the huge room with his mouth slightly open.
    Tyrain glares (Smirk): Close your mouth or you’ll let drool fall all over the food.
    Hiro (Slightly annoyed): Excuse me for looking aghast by the room’s glamour.
    Tyrain passes him a tray (Smug): Shut up and get in line. (Hiro takes the tray)
    Hiro stares in slight shock at the loooong line full of students filling their trays at the 4 long length tables full of gourmet entrees and treats.
    Hiro (Surprised): How can one dine on a feast such as this?
    Tyrain (Smirk): It’s easy, take your tray, fill her up, and dig in!! If you’re still not sure, let your stomach do the talkin’. Simple as that.
    Hiro (Stern): I think I’ll manage and speak for my own stomach’s needs.
    Both stand in line.
    >>> 5 minutes later.
    Both found a seat by the Rose Garden. Tyrain’s plate consists of classic junk food with a soda, while Hiro’s plate has vegetarian and hot black tea.
    Tyrain (Happily): Alriiight!! Now here’s a meal you can sink you’re teeth into! (Utensils at hand)
    Tyrain shovels his food down.
    Hiro plainly eats his food, ignoring Tyrain’s disturbing eating habits.
    Tyrain muffles with mouth full of food (Happily): Ya mo? I’m klad nis scoul das the berfect, decent vood… (Hiro clearly ignores him while looking down at his plate in a slight daze)
    {Here, I'll translate: Ya know? I'm glad this school has the perfect, decent food...}
    Hiro blocks Tyrain’s talk thinking (Concerned): Was Evan taking a fancy towards Tara?
    * Flashback of Evan side-glancing at Tara after the soon-to-be-fight from CHAPTER 02.
    Hiro thinking (Concerned): I didn’t see anything worth his attention. Maybe he was just casually passing by and didn’t notice her. Or am I taking it a little too personally? How can I not know for sure? Then if I-
    Tyrain talks with mouth full still (Annoyed): Mey! Ar, you hisening!? {Hey! Are you listening!?}
    Hiro quickly jolts his head up (Slightly confused): Hm? I’m sorry. What did you say?
    Tyrain makes a sneaky smile.
    Hiro (Slightly annoyed): What on earth are you sneering at?
    Tyrain with mouth full of food (Sneakily): I maws wight mwall da lon. {I was right all along}
    Hiro (Irritated): Tyrain, I cannot understand a word you’re saying. You know better not to talk with your mouth full. Honestly!
    Tyrain talks with mouth full (Sneakily): Miro, nur {Hiro, you're} in love with- (Hiro perplexingly blushes red)
    Hiro quickly stands to cover Tyrain’s mouth shut (Mad): Shush! (Tyrain opens his eyes wide and muffles with the food still in his mouth)
    Girls glare anxiously at Hiro.
    Hiro dares to slowly turn his head and soon regrets it when the girls let out hysterical squeals. Hiro nervously flinches and still keeps his hands on the choking Tyrain.
    Girl 1 (Hysterical): He looked at me!! Did you see that!?!?
    Girl 2 (Hysterical): Isn’t he cute!?
    Girl 3 (Hysterical): Eeeek!! I can’t stand not to look away from his gorgeous eyes!!
    Hiro (Embarrassed): Ehhh..
    Tyrain snatches Hiro’s hand and moves it away to finally swallow the food properly and breathe exhaustingly. Hiro sits down and tries to look away from such an embarrassment.
    Hiro puts his hand on his face (Upset): Oh, why me?
    Tyrain (Mad): Jeez! Alright already! Did I blow a fuse or somethin’? I mean what’s with you today?!
    Hiro moves his hands away (Serious): Sorry Tyrain. I was lost in a train of thought about what just happened a few hours ago in the hall…
    Tyrain cleans his face with a napkin (Concerned): What? Just because I said Evan the freak moved his golf ball eyes at the Tara girl?
    Hiro (Stern): Tara. Not “The Tara girl.”
    Tyrain sets napkin down (Smug): Heh, well-o, well-o.
    Hiro glares (Sternly): Don’t.
    Tyrain (Curious): Huh? *blink* What?
    Hiro shakes head (Serious): Just… Don’t. There’s nothing to worry about. Let’s just pretend nothing happened. (Picks up fork) If you’re my true friend, then I would expect no argument of this type of conversation in any place, anywhere. Mind that you should at least keep a civilized tongue as of this moment. Now, if you don’t mind, let me enjoy my serenity. End of discussion. (Resumes eating)
    Tyrain glares with annoyance at Hiro.
    Tyrain thinking (Annoyed): Pfft! I wasn’t exactly assuming that there is any connection between him and Tara. I was only making him realize what he doesn’t get about learning what the world is like without living in a dream. (Slightly disappointed) I hope he didn’t think too much about Tara in his head. First day and he believes he might get too attached to her at first sight? Nah. Next thing I know, if I’m surprised, I’d find him wearing tights reciting a poem to her by her balcony. Would that be the worst sight? Heck, I wanna do whatever’s best for him. Nobody knows the troubles I see from him. I mean nobody. Nobody puts up with him better than I do. We’re blood brothers… Best friends. I never left his side from the day when I first met him..
    *Tyrain’s Flashback—10 years ago. Tyrain walks half-way across Loom Bridge smiling and giggling happily. A sob was heard causing Tyrain to stop and take a peek underneath (Suspends himself half-way upside down) and spots Hiro sitting on the ground, crying softly.
    *Tyrain (Curious): Hello?
    *Hiro slowly lifts his head to look at Tyrain and tears continue to pour (Sadly): Who art thou?
    *Tyrain (Confused): Huh? “Who art what?”
    *Hiro (Sadly): Y-Your name..
    *Tyrain (Curious): Uh.. Hang on, I’m comin’.
    *Few seconds later, comes underneath the bridge to meet Hiro.
    *Tyrain (Curious): Did someone beat you up or something? Call ya names?
    *Hiro (Sadly): No.
    *Tyrain (Curious): Then why are you crying?
    * Hiro (Sadly): He.. He died.
    *Tyrain (Concerned): Your dad?
    *Hiro (Sadly): No. (Tyrain stares confusingly)
    *Tyrain (Concerned): Who then?
    *Hiro passes his book to Tyrain—Tyrain opens to the page and sees a picture of a knight’s flailed body lie on the ground and beside him kneels a beautiful mourning queen sobbing over him.
    *Tyrain (Confused): Is this what you’re cryin’ about? (Laughs some) Over some made-up sad ending?
    *Hiro (Sadly): It is not funny! Leave me alone if making slanderous jokes is all you’re good at!
    *Tyrain (Smug): Hey, it’s only a story. I thought-
    *Hiro (Mad): You wouldn’t think it’s funny when you know this book is all I have from my parents when they died after I was born!
    *Tyrain drops the book (Surprised): !!
    *Hiro (Upset): I have no other place to go! So I was left with some old grumpy people and they treat me meanly! I have no family! All I have is this book my mother and father gave me! I cried because I see them like they are my mother and father! I cried because it’s how I imagined it’s how they died! Go away if you think it’s funny!
    *Tyrain remains standing there, looking all downhearted. Hiro continues to sob.
    *Tyrain bends down to pick up the book. Then he offers his hand to Hiro.
    *Tyrain (Concerned): Hey.
    *Hiro looks up at him while wiping the tears from his eyes (Curious): Hm?
    *Tyrain (Starts to smile): If I say “I’m sorry I said that bad thing to you. I swear I’ll never do it ever again.” Do you wanna be my brother? Forever?
    *Hiro stares surprisingly for a moment. Then he tries to smile.
    *Hiro wipes off more of his tears. Then he takes Tyrain’s hand and stands.
    *Tyrain (Smirks): Brothers?
    *Hiro (Smiles): Brothers.
    *Tyrain (Grin): Does your book have your name in it?
    *Hiro laughs (Smile): Hiro. My name is Hiro.
    *Tyrain laughs too (Smug): Cool name. The name’s Tyrain. And someday Hiro.. You will be a hero.
    *Hiro (Gently smiles): Thank you Tyrain.
    *Tyrain grins as he passes Hiro the book back.
    *Flashback ends.
    Tyrain stares at Hiro calmly with a smile thinking (Pleasantly): Ever since that day.. Nothing’s changed much since we met. I still like the medieval Hiro I’ve always known. And even though he doesn’t like to part from his fantasies, he does get curious about some things around him. That’s when I thought he needs to go to a school once we hit the teen stage. I want to open his mind and see what is out there instead of being stuck inside the pages of only the one book he came with when he was taken into the orphanage. Maybe he can make his dreams come true. Or better yet, have a happier life.
    Tyrain looks away and surprisingly spots Tara in line to grab a decent meal.
    Tyrain (Smirks): Better make it short.
    Hiro looks up curiously to see what he’s talking about. Hiro also spots Tara holding the tray in line and he stares surprisingly.
    Hiro stares (Surprisingly): Tara…
    Tyrain (Smug): Hey, why don’t you over and just say “hi” to her? (Watches Tara find a seat now)
    Hiro glares (Annoyed): Are you mad Tyrain?
    Tyrain chuckles (Smug): Okay. Then I guess I will do the honors. (Stands)
    Hiro stands quickly (Irritated): Oh no, you don’t! To think I would allow a humorous jester such as you to introduce yourself to her is out of the question. (He rushes off towards Tara)
    Tyrain sits back down thinking (Smirk): That’s it man! Go to her! (Laughs)
    Tara finally found a seat by the soda fountain and sits down while Hiro (Nervously) makes his way toward her.
    Hiro gets closer thinking (A bit more confident): There’s no shame. I’ll just say one thing to her and turn back quickly. Yes. I can do this. It’s only a word or two.
    Suddenly, just when Hiro’s five tables away from Tara, Evan (With his tray full of food) blocks him with a dark smirk. Hiro surprisingly stops right on the spot.
    Tyrain glares thinking (Warningly): Aw, crud. Not him again.
    Evan (Sneer): You’re not goin’ there. She doesn’t even know that it’s my chair she’s sitting on. He. He. He. (Dark sneer) Which means she’s won’t be near anyone with a broken down orphan student like you!
    Hiro stares surprisingly.
    Evan (Sneer): Yeah, I know all about ya.. How the heck did a filthy low-life worm from the dumps dare to come to this sterilized school in the first place? Bribed anyone to buy answers for you? Think you can be smarter than the rest of us? Huh? (Hiro sternly glares) Humph! What a waste of the school’s time letting in a dirty penniless insect like you to crawl all around the school contaminating everything! The school should hire you out as a janitor so you can clean not just after us, but you too! I promise you, you won’t last nearly three days without getting squashed by elite superiors of authority who can put you in your place.
    Laughs at Hiro’s face, who glares back warningly.
    Tyrain steps forward and stands next to Hiro (Angered): Oh? Then how should we address you as? Major Idiot?
    Evan (Angrily): Shut up!! Nobody’s asking you to butt in!
    Tara takes notice of the commotion and watches curiously.
    Tyrain (Mad): Whatever my brother happens to get into is my business to butt in on anything if some tweezer-head jerk like you pushes him around!
    Evan (Smug): Heh, brothers eh? Yeah right! You two sure don’t look even close!
    Tyrain (Angrily): Then eat this!
    Tyrain makes an uppercut under Evan’s food tray to have it wham the food into Evan’s face. Students gasp surprisingly and whisper.
    Hiro and Tara stare surprisingly as Evan drops his messed up tray and he is covered with food all over his shirt.
    Evan (Angrily): Dang!! My good shirt! I paid ¥ 5000! [$55.56]
    Tyrain (Smug): Then you should’ve put your money where you mouth is.
    Evan wipes the food off of his face (Angrily): You! I’m gonna make you pay for that!
    Hiro (Stern): A fellow such as you shouldn’t talk so cheaply.
    Tyrain glares sideways at Hiro thinking (Annoyed): If I read you right Hiro. Then you’re saying that “talk is cheap.”
    Evan points at Hiro (Angrily): I’m warning you. Someday, someone’s gonna put you in your place!
    Hiro glares sternly. Tara watches full of fright.
    Evan kicks the tray at Hiro; it flies towards his face. Again, the students gasp.
    Hiro quickly snatches the tray with his hand sternly as if it wasn’t a big deal.
    Tyrain and Tara stare perplexingly at Hiro, but Evan glares darkly at him.
    Hiro (Seriously): I’d like to see you eat those words from this tray. (Tosses it right at Evan’s feet)
    It falls with a loud clang.
    Evan (Angrily): Tch! (Staggers off) What a loser! I’m outta here!
    Leaves the scene. Hiro still glares seriously while Tyrain stares annoyingly.
    Tyrain (Mad): One of these days, I’m gonna booby-trap his soda can and have him ride on an ambulance and give him something to really complain about.
    Hiro glares at Tyrain (Stern): You will do no such thing Tyrain. As sinister as he can be like a fox, it’s best that we try to avoid him as much as possible.
    Tyrain (Mad): Somehow I doubt that. It’s the second time already!
    Hiro turns his attention to look at Tara. He discovers that she’s not at the table anymore.
    Hiro (Surprisingly disappointed): She’s gone.
    Tyrain (Curiously surprised): Aww, man. Now that’s messed up. I didn’t think this would scare her off. (Sadly) Sorry pal.
    Hiro (Concerned): No, no. It’s alright. I was still not sure on how to approach her. Maybe I was wrong to take too much thought about her after all. Rest assured Tyrain that I’ll never think whatever I’ve been wondering about… Concerning her, ever again. (School bell rings loudly) And besides lunch is over, it must mean she’s off to a different class on her own.
    Tyrain stares surprisingly at him.
    Hiro (Stern): So where do we begin the next class?
    Tyrain turns to leave and Hiro follows along with disappointed looks on both of their faces.
    They enter Rose Hall. They take up a flight of stairs to the 2nd floor.
    Tyrain thinking (Worried): He’s serious. I can tell. He really is worried about that… (Smug) He’s worried about Tara. Ooooh, Hiro. Does this mean you’ve got a girlfriend crush on your first day? Heh. I envy you buddy. I really do envy you. I could use some inside secret from you! Ha! Ha!
    Tyrain (Slightly annoyed): I’d be glad that we could get out of trouble alive. What I did was bad huh?
    Hiro (Stern): Indeed it was. I did wish you could’ve just moved me away from the situation.
    Tyrain (Serious): Ya think I was gonna let big mouth in there bite your head off? Heck no! I can’t stand jerks like him, you know that don’t ya?
    Hiro (Stern): Yes, but I don’t see any reason to fight. And how did he find out about my past?
    Tyrain (Slightly mad): He probably hacked into the computer student database file.
    Hiro (Confused): What gibberish is this Tyrain?
    Tyrain (Unamused): Uuuuh. Let me put it this way.. He found out important papers that has all the information on every student in the entire school, including yours, to pick on a certain bad history on his victims and pick on the tar outta him. What’s worse, he could spread gossip and then everyone else might pick on him or her and it wouldn’t matter what your terrible past is all about. It’s just for their own use of entertainment for themselves. Get it yet?
    Hiro glares (Getting mad): Almost too well, Tyrain. It’s barbaric. Why would a cruel person do such a hurtful thing? Tearing apart one’s past… They wouldn’t know what it was like to the person who had to endure some horrible deed that’s been done. Even if it wasn't his or her own fault. Why would strangers want to inflict more pain upon an innocent soul? It’s madness. (Downhearted) Madness..
    Tyrain (Smug): Hey, don’t get too upset. There’s nothing much we can really do about it.
    They finally make it to the top of the stairs and walk down along the right side of the hall.
    Tyrain (Slightly serious): Hey, it could be worse. He might’ve found out all about Tara and spread rumors like-
    Hiro turns to face Tyrain (Mad): Don’t Tyrain! (Both stop walking)
    Tyrain (Confused): Huh!?
    Hiro (Mad): I don’t want to assume what’s not being said! Not by mere words on paper. Facts twisted by some ghoul who would do anything to bind her to him, but it's by what comes from her own words at heart!
    Tyrain (Concerned): Uuuh. Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself here? Tara doesn’t even know you yet.
    Hiro (Slightly confused): She has seen me. Did she not?
    Tyrain (Curious): Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah? But you’ve never spoken to her… (Annoyed) Yet.
    Hiro glares slightly annoyed. Then looks concerned.
    Hiro (Serious): You’re right.
    Tyrain folds his arms (Unamused): But you’re gonna do something about it aren’t you?
    Hiro chuckles (Smug): I confuse you, yet you still know your way through me.
    Tyrain (Annoyed): I’m all you’ve got. Tch. But I’m gonna kick myself for asking this, but what exactly are you gonna do?
    Hiro (Stern): I’m going to keep watch over her.
    Tyrain (Shock): What!?! By yourself?!
    Hiro (Smug): You’ve made an excellent answer.
    Tyrain (Mad): Hold it! Hooold it! This is your first day and you’re already turning into a chaperone for a total stranger you just barely knew!? You’re risking breaking your neck to protect her!?
    Hiro (Smug): Yes. It’s exactly what I intend to do.
    Tyrain (Mad): You’re crazy you know that? See? This is why I can’t stand you reading that book! Look at what it’s doing to your head! It’s squished into a mush ball!
    Hiro (Stern): I do feel it’s my duty to protect her as of this moment.
    Tyrain yanks on Hiro’s arm (Mad): That “moment” will just have to be put on hold for a few more hours! Come on! (Yanks him down the hall to their next class room) Sheesh! I swear, you get rather stupid with all that fantasy stuff you read from that book! And it’s not just that! It’s also from my big stupid mouth!
    Hiro while being dragged (Annoyed): I most certainly do not consider myself pathetic!
    Tyrain (Mad): Oh yeah?
    Hiro (Mad): Yes!
    Tyrain (Unamused): Tch. Whatever. I’m tired.
    Both continue to argue.
    On the other side of the hall on the corner, Evan secretly watched the conversation (He still has some pieces of food left on his face).
    Evan thinking (Cunningly): Well. Well. Now I know what else you’ve got to hide. Heh. You’re gonna be landing right back at the dumps. Because it’s where you belong you low-life. (Chuckles)
    Later in a different class room on the 1st floor, Tara studies on her desk by the window in the World History room.
    Tara thinking (Worried): That was sure scary. And it was really close too. I don’t understand what those three guys are mad about. *sigh* Oh well. I don’t like to get too involved. As if it’s another chore to add to my busy schedule. ‘Wondering what weird things guys do when it comes to fighting.’ Definitely none of my business. (Looks out the window)
    She spots a blue bird perching on a branch chirping merrily. Tara smiles and looks back down to write something in her notebook.
    Tara writes thinking (Plainly): “The princess beckons the bird to her aid… Its soft beat of its wings carries it to land on the lady’s fair hand and began to sing a song of tenderness, specially made for her and her only in her honor..”
    Bird outside continues to chirp.
    Tara sets down her pencil and stares at the giant chalkboard thinking (Concerned): Now that I think about it. I thought I saw someone coming towards my table. Which one of those three guys was trying to?
    *Flashback images of Hiro, Tyrain, and Evan.*
    Tara thinking (Worriedly): I don’t know..
    She sighs and resumes to writing in her notebook.

    ~ cat

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    Re: A Hiro's Tale

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    Chapter 04

    In classroom B-55 (2nd floor) at 2:45 P.M.
    Students (Hiro and Tyrain among them) watch intently at the teacher writing on the chalkboard mathematical equations.
    Hiro stares thinking (Sternly): Tara.. She is unaware of Evan’s trickery. The way he casted such a malevolent standpoint at us.. He’s in no position to prey on her. Maybe Tyrain is right, she might be Evan’s next victim. I must sustain her innocence.. I cannot imagine what he could do to harm her for any cause to delight himself.
    Teacher {Man} (Calmly): .. Before next week, all of you will be assigned with two worksheet pages full of square root formulas. I’ll be surprised if any of you can make it, because I’ll be disappointed if I see more than four errors…
    Hiro thinking (Seriously): Judging by Evan, as of this moment, we must be common rivals. And what’s more, Tyrain either approves or disapproves of the enticement. It’s why I cannot risk him being my shield much longer.. I must use only my blade to clash against Evan’s.
    Bell rings loudly. Every student scatters for the door, except Hiro staying behind at his desk.
    Teacher takes notice of Hiro (Concerned): Is there something you like to ask me Hiro?
    Hiro (Slightly surprised): Oh, no I don’t. Sorry. (Stands) Goodbye sir. (Leaves the classroom)
    Outside the room, Hiro (Downhearted) closes the door. Suddenly, a hand smacks behind Hiro’s back so hard, he nearly falls down while letting out a yell. Hiro looks over his shoulder and saw that it was Tyrain scaring the daylights out of him.
    Tyrain (Smug): Hey pal! How come you weren’t behind me?
    Hiro (Annoyed): Let me reflect, why were you preying on me from behind?
    Tyrain laughs (Smug): Hey, man. I felt sorry for ya all day. Not to mention the bail-outs I managed to squeeze in for ya. How about we head back to Loom Bridge for a quick game of chopsticks?
    Hiro (Mad): Again, it’s not a game! How many times will it take to convince you!? You never take my training seriously! (Walks toward the hall window to look outside)
    Tyrain stands next to him (Smirk): Relax Hiro. I was just kidding. Geeze, you’re awfully sensitive today.
    Hiro ignores him (Mad): Really? Is it not too obvious to your liking? Hm?
    Tyrain (Smile): Don’t get so sore at me Hiro. Tryin’ to cheer ya up after the lunch mess. Everything turned out well.
    Hiro glares at Tyrain and resumes to looking out the window. Tyrain slightly frowns.
    Tyrain (Concerned): All right, so not exactly the way it was supposed to turn out. Many things can happen to ya on a first day.
    Hiro (Mad): Really? I had no idea.
    Tyrain (Concerned): Dang, man. I’ve never seen ya all fired up before. Wanna tell me what's it all about?
    Hiro (Mad): No. It’s a pointless argument.
    Tyrain (Mad): Hey, you can’t hide a secret from me. Especially when it comes to-
    A girl student taps on Tyrain’s shoulder from behind (Nervously): Excuse me?
    Tyrain turns (Curiously): Hm? (Smug) Why hello there.
    Girl student blushes (Nervously): Are you Hiro’s best friend?
    Tyrain (Smug): Why yes I am.
    Girl student (Nervously): I was wondering if a nice guy like you might do me a favor.
    Tyrain (Slyly): Right now I favor you more than anything. What do you have in mind?
    Girl student (Blushingly smiles): Do you have Hiro’s cell phone number I could borrow? (Tyrain glares somewhat stunned) It would be better coming from you since you two hang out together.
    Tyrain (Nervously grins): Uuuhh sorry. He doesn’t own a cell phone. (Smirks) But you can always keep my number if ya like to spend some time with me at the buffet once in a while?
    Girl student turns her head up and walks off (Mad): Humph!
    Tyrain watches her leave (Confused): What? (She’s gone) What did I say? (Annoyed) Then you don’t know what you’re missing! Girls.. (Turns to face Hiro) See? (Surprised) Huh?
    He discovers Hiro missing.
    Tyrain (Mad): Aww, dang! What’s with you people?! I’m a lonely date beggar here and you get the breaks! What the heck man!?
    Silence as Tyrain looks to the left and to the right of the hall. Nothing.
    Tyrain (Mad): Come on!! *sigh* All alone at the right end.
    Meanwhile, at the Rose Garden.
    Tara sits on a stone bench near a large freshwater pond writing on her notepad, while humming a joyful tune.
    She looks up and sees ducks float about peacefully on the pond and she smiles.
    Tara (Happy): Ah, it’s nice to be outside. I’d wish I stay here for hours. *sigh*
    Out of nowhere, a rock plops into the pond startling both the ducks (They take off) and Tara.
    Voice from behind (Mockingly): He. He. Oopes. My bad.
    She turns to look over her shoulder and is surprised to see Evan (Smirking) standing close behind her.
    Tara tries to ignore him by consulting her notepad. Evan comes and sits next to her; makes her feel uneasy while she’s writing.
    Evan (Dark smug): Whatcha writing there? Can I take a peek? (Leans closer)
    Tara tries to scoot back, but he keeps coming closer by shifting his way towards her.
    Evan (Smug): I just wanna see. That’s all. Come on. I wanna see what you’re writing about.
    Tara (Getting a little scared): Please, leave me alone.
    Evan snatches her book and walks off with it (He opens it to read). Tara follows to retrieve her book.
    Tara (Upset): Give it back! (Attempts to snatch it from his hand)
    Evan mockingly laughs at her and ditches the book behind his back playfully.
    Tara (Upset): It’s not for anyone to look at! Please give it back to me!
    Evan (Sneer): You really want it back?
    Tara (Upset): Yes! Please!
    Evan (Sneer): I’ll give it back to ya when we go out together on a date first.
    Tara stares upsettingly with a gasp. Evan laughs and uses his other hand to snatch her hand; he wrenches her close to his face. Tara beams at him with a fearful look.
    Evan (Cunningly): Without your book, you’re scared aren’t you? It must mean a lot to make you this terrified. Then you should’ve been careful. Cuze it fell into the wrong hands. Along with you. You’re now my girl. (Chuckles)
    Tara (Scared): I’m not anyone’s girl. You’re a creep.
    Evan (Smug): Aw, babe. I knew there was something special about ya I gotta have. Yup, you’re just what I have in mind. (Chuckles)
    Suddenly, a hand snatches Tara's book right off of Evan’s hand (Evan gasps surprisingly and let’s go of Tara’s hand). Then another hand seizes Evan by the back collar of his shirt to wrench him back away from Tara. Evan gains back his footing and sees that it was Hiro, glaring angrily at him while holding Tara’s book and guarding her with a brave stance.
    Evan (Mad): Oh, you again. I thought I’ve told you to get away from here? This isn’t for nobodies to hang around. Only a pea-brain ant like you should eat with the beetles at the garbage disposal.
    Hiro (Angered): Have you no respect? It is a poor man’s excuse to give a young lady a bouquet of dry yellow weeds instead of sweet red roses. (Tara stares surprisingly)
    Hiro keeps his angered stare at Evan as he passes the book back to Tara. She grabs it and stuffs it into her bag. She backs away a few feet from Hiro.
    Evan (Smirk): Red roses? Gimme a break! You sure talk stupid for a big loser like you. Ya swallowed a dictionary or what?
    Hiro (Stern): A man should not judge a book by its cover. You, however, cannot judge even the simplest object neither by color, size, or text.
    Evan (Mockingly): Booooring! Why don’t you go make your speech someplace else and make yourself useful at the dumps?
    Hiro (Angered): I am. My place is here where I’m needed.. And you will listen to what I’m about to say, since there’s no other audience besides us and with a lady present..
    Evan glares. Tara watches surprisingly.
    Hiro (Angered): You are nothing but a vile, malicious, petulant, boisterous coward. (Evan stares perplexingly angered) A coward with his way of words towards the lame. You seek to prey on others as long as he or she cannot touch your pride. It’s your own weapon without lifting a hand at anyone who dares to disturb your reputation. I do not fear you.. No. I challenge your so-called pride Evan Baily.
    Evan (Scoffs): Pffff! Is this a joke? Seriously, I could grind ya to a fine powder and sprinkle ya over my victory pie! (Laughs)
    Hiro (Stern): I can see you have not come to terms to my warning Evan. (Smug) Why don’t you stand and prove yourself a better man? Or kneel with humiliation?
    Evan glares darkly with clenched fists (Angered): Bring it on! (Dashes ragingly towards Hiro) Urraaaagh!
    Tara watches frightfully.
    Hiro swiftly dodges by stepping to the side- he sees the chance to elbow Evan roughly at the rib to take out his balance.
    It took a few seconds for Evan’s balance to recover. Evan comes back to attack him again with a punch at Hiro’s face. Hiro manages to dodge.
    The dodge and punch process repeats itself a few more times.
    Hiro dodges once more, but Evan counters the move with another punch at the stomach. Hiro takes a rough fall on his back. Tara gasps and covers her mouth.
    Evan laughs (Smug): You’ve just made my day easier ya loser! Keep it up and I’m all warmed up enough to knock your brains out!
    Hiro grunts as he tries to get up. Evan quickly paces to kick him next. At the last second, Hiro back flips, successfully stands right back up, and performs a side-kick against Evan’s right shoulder.
    Evan falls with pain face-down.
    Hiro (Stern): Then I trust tomorrow will be even harder.
    Evan struggles to stand up (Angered and exhausted): ..Not …By a long shot.. (Stands fully)
    Hiro glares (Angered): Then let’s see how far it will go.
    Tara watches worriedly at Hiro.
    Evan inhales and battle cries at full speed with his right fist ready to strike Hiro down. At the last second, Hiro blocks & dodges Evan’s punch and counters with a mighty side punch at Evan’s face- He roughly falls again face-down. This time, Evan isn’t getting up; he’s unconscious. Tara stares in disbelief.
    Hiro stands staring down at Evan with a stern gleam in his eye. He turns his attention towards the frightened Tara.
    A distant sound of approaching students rush towards their location.
    Hiro takes hold of Tara’s wrist and dash away from the approaching students and hid behind a decorative statue. A teacher among the crowd of students, approaches Evan.
    Hiro (Tiredly): Huff… Huff. Are you all right?
    Tara (Tiredly): Y-Yes. Thank you so much.
    Hiro tries to smile at her. She kinda smiles back at him. Hiro suddenly realizes a pain on the back of his hand and examines it; a small cut bleeding.
    Tara (Surprised): Oh! Your hand.
    Hiro (Concerned): No need to fret. I can take care of it.
    Tara checks in her bag and ties her handkerchief on his wounded hand- Hiro watches curiously.
    Hiro (Surprised): No, please. I don’t wish to ruin your-
    Tara (Worried): It’s no problem. It’s just so it won’t get any more dirt on it when you get home and have someone take a better look at it.
    Hiro (Calmer): Thank you Tara. That’s very kind of you.
    Tara blushes (Nervously): You’re welcome. It’s the least I can do for someone who saved me from becoming Evan’s girlfriend.
    Hiro (Concerned): You should stay away from him as far as possible.
    Tara (Worried): Yeah, no kidding.
    They stare at one another for a moment- Hiro shows a small handsome smile; Tara gently smiles back. Then they hear nearby students looking for them.
    Student (Curiously): Tara? Tara Yuui?
    Hiro and Tara’s ‘moment stare’ ends as Tara blushes nervously and leaves Hiro, who watches curiously, escape in a different direction to avoid the students.
    Tara (Nervously): Bye Hiro, and thank you.
    Hiro stares as she vanishes behind the next building.
    Hiro (Concerned): Goodbye.. Tara.
    Later at the Roseworth High School Entrance. Tyrain leans against the gate with his arms folded staring impatiently for Hiro to show up. He examines at his wristwatch- It’s thirty minutes after 3:00 P.M.
    Tyrain (Mad): Where the heck are you? Hm?
    Spots Hiro walking towards him.
    Tyrain (Mad): Hiro! I’ve been looking everywhere for ya! Where the heck did you disappear to!?
    Hiro stops in front of him (Stern): Nowhere.
    Tyrain spots his wounded hand and points (Mad): Then how do explain this?
    Hiro hides his hand behind his back (Stern): Oh, I fell.
    Tyrain (Annoyed): From ‘nowhere?’ Don’t play dumb with me Hiro.
    Hiro (Mad): If it displeases you, I would.
    Tyrain (Mad): Yeah, yeah. I’m a sucker. Tell me what did you get into this time?
    Hiro glares warningly for 5 seconds. He takes Tyrain’s arm and drags him out of the school entrance.
    Tyrain (Mad): Hey! What’s-!?
    Hiro (Mad): Silence Tyrain!
    They walk down along the iron gates towards the brick walls of the gate entrance.
    Tyrain (Mad): Hiro! What the-!
    Hiro stops at the brick end, and shoves Tyrain against it (Mad): I said silence!
    Hiro and Tyrain quietly listen to approaching students looking around anxiously for Hiro.
    Student #1 (Cautiously): No sign of him. Aww, man. I’d hate to see what’s gonna happen to Hiro when he shows his face tomorrow.
    Tyrain’s eyes widen in surprise while Hiro stares sternly.
    Student #2 (Unamused): I doubt it. Did ya see the look on Evan’s face when we found him? I swear, he’s worse than ever before! I mean, whoever was brave enough to do it to him must be smart enough to run off as far as possible!
    Student #1 (Concerned): I gotta give the smart guy credit. Except it would be unfair to have him get expelled, rather than Evan Baily. Everyone knows that Evan easily bails out of ‘Teacher jail’ almost every time.
    Student #2 (Annoyed): Well, I guess Hiro made a break for it and went home. What’s the guy’s name again who hangs around with Hiro?
    Student #1 (Concerned): I dunno.
    Tyrain glares [Whispers] (Mad): Crud!
    Hiro [Whispers] (Stern): Shush!
    Student #1 (Unamused): Well, if Hiro were by any chance wants to come back to Roseworth High School, he better bring his bodyguard of a friend with him. Let’s go.
    Student #s 1 & 2 leave the scene.
    Hiro glares as he lets go of Tyrain (Stern): We’re safe.
    Tyrain glares (Angered): Hiro.. What the heck did you do?
    Hiro glares warningly.
    Tyrain (Mad): No… Way.. Did you just get into a fight with Evan!?
    Hiro (Mad): I had to. If it means protecting her-
    Tyrain (Shock): What?! (Angrily) Gngh! (Reaches into Hiro’s left pocket for the wooden knife and yanks it out) I’ve told you not to bring any weapons to the school! You could get yourself expelled! Not to mention arrested!
    Hiro (Mad): I did not use it.
    Tyrain (Mad): What?
    Hiro (Mad): My weapon is my own two hands. (Clenches both his hands and shows them to Tyrain)
    Tyrain grabs both Hiro’s wrists (Grins): Then that’s the best idea to clobber the nutcase of a freak..! (Slyly) How bad did you pulverize the beanbag?
    Hiro (Smug): Like, as you would say, beating him to a pulp.
    Tyrain laughs (Happily): Yahoo! Sweeeeeet man! Dang! I’m proud of ya pal! Heh he! (Ruffles up Hiro’s hair- Hiro stares with a grin) Not only you got girls goin’ gaga over ya, you’ve won round one against Bail Baily! Ha! Ha! (Curiously) Hey, speaking of girls how did it go with Tara?
    Hiro slightly shows a hint of blush (Slightly nervous): Oh, she.. Well…
    Tyrain (Slyly): Uh huuuuuuuuuuuuuh? You two had a friendly get-along afterwards?
    Hiro (Annoyed): Only for a short period of time. (Stern) But everything else, I’m not too proud of.
    Tyrain (Curious): Like what?
    Hiro (Serious): He knows now that my only weakness is Tara being harassed by him. He almost had his way against me.
    Tyrain (Smug): I’ve raised ya to be the artful dodger. I knew one day it might come in handy. (Unamused) In this case, you’re gonna be workin’ overtime with Bail Baily.
    Hiro (Stern): You’re quite right Tyrain. Our rivalry wars have just begun.
    Tyrain (Unamused): Before you lift up the curtain, Tara wasn’t scared of you was she? The last time she was scared was when we busted Evan back at the cafeteria.
    Hiro (Stern): No, she did not object. In fact, I helped her retrieve her special notebook.
    Tyrain playfully imitates a dog bark. Hiro glares annoyingly.
    Tyrain (Smug): Good boy, Hiro. Wanna dog bone for your efforts? (Laughs)
    Hiro (Stern): Such obnoxious behavior Tyrain. It does not give me any sense of support.
    Tyrain laughs (Smug): Sorry man.
    Hiro (Stern): It was right at that moment where Evan and I conducted our fight at one another. (Tyrain stares surprisingly) Not to worry, I gave him what he deserved. An eye for eye.
    Tyrain (Slyly): Did ya take out his tooth while you’re at it?
    Hiro (Stern): I must have because I knocked him unconscious.
    Tyrain (Grins): That’s my Hiro! (Laughs)
    Hiro (Stern): Anyway, Tara and I rushed off before we were discovered by other students when they heard Evan shouting. I didn’t even realize that when I was, unfortunately hit by one punch of Evan’s, I found my hand scraped a little. It was then Tara wrapped my wounded hand with her handkerchief.
    Tyrain (Smug): Well, well. I’m surprised she trusted you this quick.
    Hiro (Stern): Well, after all Tyrain.. I did help her out of trouble, did I? It would be wrong of me to leave her in distress. A girl like her shouldn’t be pushed around.
    Tyrain (Smug): Wow, I see a tiny piece of change in you.
    Hiro (Curious): What?
    Tyrain (Smug): Just think.. My little brother’s growing up to start talking like a human being (Hiro glares) .. *sigh* Ya know? Sometimes I envy you.
    Hiro (Curious): I beg your pardon?
    Tyrain (Mad): Seriously, how the heck do you make girls come and have their eyes sparkle at ya without doin’ anything?
    Hiro shrugs (Unamused): I have no sight. So have you.
    Tyrain yanks on Hiro’s shirt (Annoyed): Come on man, what’s the secret? I wanna know so I can get a chance to do the same thing!!
    Hiro brushes him off (Unamused): Away from me you deranged maniac.
    Tyrain (Unamused): Crud man. You did a half-and-half there. Dude, uncool. It’s either one way or the other. Can’t do both!
    Hiro walks away from Tyrain. Tyrain catches up and make their way back to Loom Bridge.
    Tyrain (Smug): Wanna go get some sushi? My treat!
    Hiro (Smiles): That would be most enlightening. (Disappointed) My word, how are we going to sneak inside class tomorrow?
    Tyrain wraps his arm around Hiro’s shoulder as they walk (Smug): Don’t worry, pal. We’ll get in.. (Unamused) Somehow.
    Hiro (Unamused): How reassuring.


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    Re: A Hiro's Tale

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    Chapter 05

    The next morning at Loom Bridge, 8:15 A.M.
    Hiro reads his book once again, under the bridge. He stares dreamily at a picture of a knight presenting a gift before the princess.
    Hiro thinking (Calmly): I see… (Closes his book. He pulls out Tara’s handkerchief from his pocket and stares at it) If it be so, then I too shall give this back as a token of my thanks. I made sure not a single blood stain is left.
    *Flashback of Tara tying the handkerchief around Hiro’s wounded hand. Ends*
    Hiro examines at his wounded hand wrapped with new bandages. Then glares at the handkerchief.
    Hiro whispers softly (Small smile): Rest assured Tara.. It will remain under my care until it returns to you. I thank thee. (Moves it toward his lips to kiss it)
    A hand snatches the handkerchief from Hiro’s hand. Hiro gasps and discovers Tyrain examining it.
    Tyrain (Curiously): Wow! I’ve never seen a piece of cloth like this look so white! How’d you get it to look so brand new? (Smug) Or did you buy a decoy so you can keep the good one for yourself? (Laughs)
    Hiro tries to get it back (Mad): For your information Tyrain, I hand-washed it! Don’t you dare drop it!
    Tyrain playfully tosses and catches it, making Hiro having a fit to try and retrieve it back.
    Tyrain continues to tease him (Smug): Don’t tell me you’re gonna meet up with Tara and return it to her today are ya? I mean, after what happened yesterday? She’s gonna look at ya straight in the eye and say, [Mimics her voice] “Oh, thank you Prince Hiro! That was soo sweet of you to have my handkerchief look so sparking clean! You should save my life once in a while if Bail Baily starts to make anymore threats at me ever again! Would you??”
    Hiro gives a kick on Tyrain’s shin-- flinches.
    Hiro snatches the handkerchief back and walks away (Annoyed): Not worth your while, Tyrain. Not worth your while! Shame on you!
    Tyrain (Mad): Can’t you take a joke!? (Limps to catch-up)
    Hiro and Tyrain walk side-by-side on their way to Roseworth High School along the sidewalk.
    Hiro (Stern): So my friend, have you conjured up a devious plan to get inside the school unnoticed?
    Tyrain (Concerned): Are ya kiddin’? I must’ve stayed up half the night tryin’ to work it out! I really don’t want Mrs. Hiden to smack the tar out of us with that steel ruler of hers! Or worse… (Hiro glares)
    Hiro (Stern): Does your family know what you’re planning?
    Tyrain (Annoyed): Yeah, right. I’m letting my parents know we’re breaking into school just to keep our heads intact. (Hiro sighs) All right, here’s the plan.. Once we get there at the gate, we’re gonna sneak in the back way and get to our class way before the bell takes its toll at the niner.
    Hiro (Stern): Do you mean nine o’clock?
    Tyrain (Mad): Quite bugging me man!! You correct me with my kind of talk, why don’t you let me correct yours!?
    Hiro (Slightly unamused): By all means, Tyrain. But if I may, this plot does not seem like much of a plan.
    Tyrain (Annoyed): Okay, wise guy, what’s your plan?
    Hiro (Unamused): Clearly, there’s nothing coming into view.
    Tyrain (Mad): Well, then it’s the best chance we’ve got!
    Hiro sighs with his eyes closed.
    Within the next second, Hiro bumps into an old woman and he gains back his balance.
    Tyrain (Mad): Geeze! Watch it! Don’t you ever pay any attention? First Evan, and now this? How many more people are ya gonna keep knocking down like bowling pins?
    Hiro (Irritated): Bite your tongue Tyrain! (Attends to the old woman kindly) My apologies madam. Did I not cause you any injury?
    Old woman (Merrily): Oh, no dear. These old bones are not what they used to be. For you, you’re a strong young man. I may be young at heart, but oh, how I wish I could be just as bright and youthful as you are dear.
    Hiro (Smile): Why, thank you madam.
    Tyrain thinking (Annoyed): Even he can charm an old lady! Crud..
    Old woman (Merrily): Oh, you’re most welcome dear boy. I trust you two are on your way to school?
    Tyrain (Slightly impatient): Uhh, yeah. We’re kinda in a hurry. Glad you’re alright. (Tries to leave) Bye.
    Old woman (Curious): Which school do you two attend?
    Hiro (Smile): Roseworth High School. It’s quite beautiful once you gaze upon its radiant nature. (Tyrain stares kinda surprised at the way he’s speaking)
    Old woman (Smiles tenderly): That’s very sweet of you dear.
    Tyrain (Unamused): Hiro, she’s not gonna be too interested to come with us. Are you-
    Old woman (Happily): I’d be delighted!
    Tyrain (Shock): Eh!?
    Hiro (Smiles): Splendid madam.
    Tyrain mumbles under his breath (Mad): Have you lost it? Don’t you get what everyone else is gonna say when we show with some old lady?!
    Hiro (Darkly glares): There’s no shame in bringing a wise gentle old woman with years of experience before our existence here. Besides, what do other students want to see? A watch? Silk dresses? A little music box that talks?
    Tyrain (Annoyed): It’s cell phones you dork, and we’re not lacy aristocratic bodyguards escorting the queen to parliament! (Stares at the old woman) Look lady, we don’t have a good time to have you come with us. It’s hard to explain.
    Old woman (Smiles): Oh, I don’t think I should be of any trouble. Once I come to the entrance, I’ll be sure to get out of your way. It’ll be as if I wasn’t even there.
    Hiro stares with concern. Then a hint of suspicion shows on his face.
    Tyrain (Bored): Well, I guess that’ll be okay. Right, Hiro?
    Hiro (Concerned): Yes. (Smiles as he offers his arm to escort her) If I may.
    Old woman (Cheerily): Thank you dear boy. You’re too kind. (All three resume walking)
    Tyrain thinking (Very irritated): He scores points for this too! What’s he got that I haven’t got??
    At the Roseworth High School gate entrance at 8:45 A.M.
    Hiro (Smiles): And here we are.
    Old woman peeks through the gates (Cheerily): Oh! What a wonderful school. I can even smell the roses growing nearby. Oh, how lovely.
    Hiro (Smile): It is, madam. It is.
    Tyrain (Impatient): Yeah, yeah. It’s very nice. Okay, we should be in there, right Hiro?
    Hiro ignores Tyrain (Smiles): Is there by chance if I could show you the garden some other time?
    Old woman (Smile): That would be nice dear boy. (Slightly sad) But I’m afraid I can’t. (Hiro stares slightly surprised) Oh, don’t look at me like that dear. It’s just my time is often spent on what other important matters that are needed to be attended. I hope you can understand.
    Hiro (Calmly): By all means madam. You should do what you please. I wouldn’t take you away from your-
    Old woman (Smiles): Don’t worry. I appreciate your offer. Maybe in the future I’ll be happy to take a tour with you.
    Tyrain fidgets to get the gate unlocked using a screwdriver (Annoyed): Hiro? I could use a little help here?
    Hiro quickly turns his back on the old woman to aid Tyrain by grabbing the lock. Tyrain snaps the lock open. Ca-ching!
    Tyrain opens gate (Smug): Ha! Ha! Good thing I brought my trusty driver for the job! Say “hi” and “bye” already! (Makes fast paces)
    Hiro turns to say goodbye, but he stares surprisingly where the old woman is.
    Hiro (Shock): Good heavens!
    Tyrain looks over his shoulder (Curious): What?
    Hiro (Surprised): She’s gone…!
    Tyrain (Slightly mad): What’re you talking about? (Comes next to Hiro to peek at the sidewalk) An old lady like her can’t take off like- (Shocked with silence)
    Looking at both sides, they cannot find any trace of her whereabouts; completely vanished.
    Tyrain (Ghostly frightened): Oooookay? What just happened? I’m awake right?
    Hiro (While keeping his glace on the sidewalk the woman disappeared to) stamps on Tyrain’s foot-- flinches.
    Tyrain hops on one foot (Mad): Alriiiiiiiight!! Reality check!! Thank you!?! You’re a real big pain on the foot!
    Hiro folds his arms (Stern): This proves you weren’t hallucinating.
    Tyrain stops hopping (Mad): Forget it. Let’s just get the heck in there before I really lose it.
    Hiro and Tyrain sneakily open the gate and dash quickly around the building and find the back entrance.
    Hiro watches Tyrain unlock the door (Concerned): I must protest, I don’t believe we can get away with this ordeal.
    Tyrain (Slightly annoyed): What ordeal? We’re avoiding trouble!
    Hiro (Concerned): In a way, yes, but even sneaking into the school provokes a higher chance of being discovered.
    Tyrain (Mad): Oh, Hiro. If you’re gonna split hairs-
    Hiro (Anxious): My hair is none of your business.
    Tyrain (Mad): Alright! My bad! Shut up already! I think I’ve got this thing to open.
    They sneak inside. Tyrain closes the door.
    Rose Hall, 8:56 A.M.
    Tyrain and Hiro walk up towards Room A-24.
    Tyrain opens it. An angry Mrs. Hiden darkly glares at the both of them with folded arms.
    Tyain and Hiro yell surprisingly startled.
    Mrs. Hiden glares at Tyrain (Angered): Did you have a good morning?
    Tyrain (Nervous): Eeehyeaaaaaaah… I uhh-
    Mrs. Hiden (Angered): Good.
    She turns her angered stare at Hiro, who now tries to keep a relaxed look.
    Mrs. Hiden (Angered): Then, Mr. Salo.. Take a seat and I would like to speak with Hiro in the next room.
    Tyrain (Stern): Umm, can I ask why?
    Mrs. Hiden (Angered): No, and if you don’t take a seat Mr. Salo.. You will also take part for what I’m about to give Mr. Jasaki… (Glares at Hiro) I guarantee you won’t be back home until bedtime.
    Hiro gulps while Tyrain glares.
    Tyrain (Stern): Send me in coach. (Hiro watches surprisingly)
    Mrs. Hiden watches with one brow up.
    Hiro whispers (Worriedly): Please, Tyrain. I can do it alone. Go to class. You don’t deserve-
    Tyrain whispers (Stern): Zip it. (Turns his attention to her)
    Mrs. Hiden (Mad): Then I suppose you were also present when Mr. Jasaki had a fight with Mr. Baily at the Rose Garden yesterday afternoon?
    Tyrain (Smug): Naah! Hiro wasn’t there.
    Mrs. Hiden (Surprised): He wasn’t?
    Tyrain shakes his head.
    Mrs. Hiden (Serious): That’s not what I heard from Mr. Baily claiming he was being brutally attacked. It was Hiro intruding on Evan's conversation with Miss Yuui.
    Tyrain (Smug): Nope! I did teach.
    Mrs. Hiden (Mad): You?
    Tyrain (Smug): I couldn’t help it but return Evan's favor for calling me a bad name when I’ve told him he was a pencil neck sticking into my business. So I was giving him what he deserves.
    Hiro watches surprisingly.
    Mrs. Hiden (Mad): That is a very serious threat Mr. Salo. (Stares at Hiro) You may go to your seat.
    Tyrain nods at the nervous Hiro. Hiro passes by quietly and takes a seat 4 rows away.
    Mrs. Hiden (Mad): As for you Mr. Salo. You’re coming with me.
    Mrs. Hiden exits the room into the hall. Tyrain catches a glimpse of Hiro staring worriedly.
    Tyrain reassures him with a wink and a thumbs-up. Then he leaves Hiro sitting alone in the class.
    Hiro pulls out the hankerchief and stares at it thinking (Worried): How can I live with this guilt? I know he’s trying to take the blame for my sake. But he’s my brother. I should save him from the unfit punishment I rightly deserve.
    9:00 bell rings loudly.
    A herd of students (Tara comes in) rush to their desks.
    Hiro spots Tara walking towards her seat.
    Hiro thinking (Surprised): Of course!
    Tara sits down in the front row.
    Hiro thinking (Concerned): How selfish of me. Not only did Tyrain save me, he wanted me to make sure I have my chance to give Tara her handkerchief back. Maybe an opportunity to converse once again.
    Mrs. Hiden enters the classroom looking serious.
    Hiro watches worriedly.
    Mrs. Hiden (Serious): Alright, lets get started. Open your books to page fifty.
    Hiro thinking as he opens his book (Worriedly): I hope Tyrain is not in too much trouble. Who knows what form of torture he might’ve taken for me.
    Outside of the class at 9:55 A.M., Rose Hall.
    Hiro tries to follow right behind Tara while he sqeezes past students crowding the hall.
    He struggles to keep up.
    Hiro grabs her wrist (Concerned): Tara-
    He realized he grabed the wrong girl. The girl student blushes nervously.
    Hiro lets go (Nervously): I'm so sorry. I've mistaken you for someone else. Good day. (Turns and leaves)
    Hiro thinking (Sadly): I missed her. How can I present it to her? How? How?
    Walks off to find the next class.
    Later, at Lunch hour (12:00 P.M.).
    Hiro waits in line near the buffet table while holding a tray.
    Hiro thinking (Worriedly): I wonder what became of Tyrain? *sigh*
    Suddenly a loud crash sounds from the kitchen door. All anxious students look to see what’s causing the entire racket.
    Hiro (Surprised): Oh my…
    Inaudible argument is heard and more sounds of dishes being broken in the kitchen.
    Hiro passes his tray to a curious student (Concerned): Please take it. (Quickly strides to take a look)
    He carefully sneaks inside the kitchen unnoticed to quickly hide behind the tall tray rack holder. He sees a mess of shattered ceramic bowls and dishes everywhere on the floor being picked up by the angered Tyrain on his knees. A large bald cook towers over Tyrain shouting arguments at one another.
    Cook (Angrily): Look at this! Look at this! Now you’ll have to mop up the entire floor! If you did not to bump into that counter, none of this would’ve happened!!
    Tyrain (Mad): Sorry! My x-ray vision didn’t catch any sight of the counter while I’m holding the tower of Pisa right in front of my nose!
    Cook (Mad): That’s enough! Now get this cleaned up and I’ll be back with a mop! I wanna see it shine bright enough to see myself! (Exits, while passing by Hiro in hiding, slamming the kitchen door hard)
    Tyrain grumbles (Mad): Enough to see yourself getting kicked across the football field.
    Hiro comes out of hiding (Concerned): Tyrain.
    Tyrain looks up (Surprised): Yaah! How did you know where to find me?
    Hiro (Unamused): When in doubt, follow a cry for help. Believe me, it wasn’t hard to find you for quite a while.
    Tyrain (Mad): Yea, well. Hide n’ seek’s over now. I’m here until school’s out. Maybe longer.
    Hiro (Concerned): Listen, I wanted to thank you.
    Tyrain gets up to face the sink (Unamused): You’re welcome.
    Hiro (Curious): What?
    Tyrain grabs a dirty dish (Bored): That’s all. You’re welcome. (Scrubs dish with soap)
    Hiro (Concerned): So does that mean saving me also means giving me an opportunity to get to know Tara?
    Tyrain freezes while holding the clean dish.
    Hiro walks closer (Suspicious): Was it, or was it not?
    Tyrain remains frozen with his back turned against Hiro.
    Hiro (Anxious): Tyrain??
    Tyrain puts the clean dish on the dirty dishes pile (Nervously): No! Yeah! I mean, yeah! I helped ya get a chance! Are ya kiddin’? It’s a great idea! (Makes a weak laugh and takes a dirty bowl)
    Hiro (Stern): Well, thank you. And I’m also sorry for risking our plan to sneak inside.
    Tyrain turns to wave the bowl at Hiro's face (Mad): Well duuh!! If ya weren’t so busy chattin’ up the old woman, we’d have the home stretch! (Keeps his angerd eye on Hiro while dropping the bowl into the sink-- crash!)
    Hiro (Stern): Courteously. Always treat your elders courteously Tyrain. You should know that.
    Tyrain picks up another dirty dish to clean (Annoyed): Heck yes, I know for sure. But did ya have to soften her up like butter? Why don’t ya save it for the next Shakespeare play or somethin’? That’ll be a show winner.
    Hiro (Slightly mad): Must you always criticize the way I speak politely to anyone?
    Tyrain (Annoyed): One of these days Hiro. You gotta add some punch into your vocab! Not to mention your physical.. (Rolls his eyes) Bones..
    Hiro (Unamused): Physical does need to play a part in my case Tyrain. Because from now on, Miss Tara’s safety matters to me. I refuse to let another problem befall upon her feet once again.
    Tyrain (Mad): Why do you instantly plan another mess-up when I just saved your neck? Give it a rest will ya? Look, here’s what I think. Keep a fair distance away from her. Then if that punk ever tries to pull a fast one on her call for help.. Let the students keep him busy.. Then go for the catch leaving Zoro’s mark on the wall.
    Hiro (Unamused): Humor won’t let you out of this disaster of a kitchen. (Turns away and walks toward the kitchen door)
    Tyrain scrubbing the dishes in the sink (Annoyed): Again with the politeness. *sigh* Just promise me you don’t let your fantasy-emotion-moments butt in and get ya into a mess again?
    Hiro laughs (Smug): If you wish. (Passes through the kitchen doors)
    Tyrain looks over his shoulder and yells after him (Mad): I’m not wishin’… I’m beggin’!!
    Outside of the kitchen doors, Hiro changes his happy expression to a frown.
    Hiro thinking (Disappointed): My apologizes Tyrain. I did not give it back yet. But I promise I will. No matter whatever the road may lead me, take me to Tara and see that this little cloth piece makes it back home safely. I promise you your sacrifice for me will not be in vain Tyrain.
    Walks off.

    ~ cat

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    Re: A Hiro's Tale

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    Chapter 06

    On the Roseworth High School roof at 12:15 P.M.
    Evan enters the scene from the stairs.
    Evan glares (Grimace): Hey dudes. About time you two showed up.
    Two guys in their late teens stand by the edge of the roof by the rail.
    Evan (Smirk): Hey Mace. How’s it hangin’?
    One tall, thin guy with wildly loose medium-length black hair & brown eyes has his arms folded gazing intensely with a grimace that gives one the creeps.
    Mace (Smug): So what’s the drill Ev?
    The other guy, slightly shorter than Mace, but has more muscle. Has short brown hair & sea-blue eyes making him a tough case for an amateur wrestler to beat.
    Baz cracks his knuckles loudly (Malicious): Who are we clobberin’ this time?
    Evan (Smug): Heh. Two new hopeless cases. One idiot’s already taking the blame for the stunt I pulled on. Heh, I already made your jobs easier.
    Mace (Grimly): What makes you say that?
    Evan (Grimace): Because there’s the other poor sucker who thinks he’s some kind of noble. And a show off making a fool of himself with his talk of pride! Pheh! I can’t stand the sight of him! That’s why I hired you two to have a little fun doin’ my dirty work. A wimp like him shouldn’t be too much for you two to handle.
    Baz (Smug): How do we know where to look for this pip squeak?
    Evan (Boisterous): You know I’ll lead ya right to him. I know where to look. Heh, he won’t be too hard to find for a filthy cockroach hiding under the garbage cans.
    Mace (Sinister): And once we find him.. (Looks down and spots an ant scout crawling along the floor next to Baz’s foot)
    Baz moves his foot right over it (Madly): He’ll be flat as a pancake!
    Stomps the ant flat. {Ya might hear a squeak?}
    Evan (Darkly grim): Best bunch of guys in the world. (Turns his back on them) We have a bug to stomp.
    Evan thinking (Sneering): Heh, heh. It won’t be too difficult. For a worthless student out of the low-life orphanage. He did dodge my punches very easily, but nobody gets the best of me! I have my own set of rules against anyone who thinks he’s so confident! And what else I can live without? School. Same thing day after day in the last two or three years… Sit on the desk, eat, and study. Why the heck do I need school for? It’s just a waste of time holding me back on my fun. And to think my parents are giving me the ‘greater good’ for my future? (Scoffs) School.. Knowledge. Respect.. And dignity? Who needs it? I sure don’t. I can just quit now and live off my life as I please. (Darkly grim) And… With Hiro out of the picture, I’ll be taking Tara for myself if he thinks he can shield her from me, he better think twice when he takes a stand.
    Evan laughs madly.
    Evan (Grimly): You better watch you back Hiro. I’ll be right behind you.. Mweh heh, heh, heh.
    Evan, Mace, and Baz exit the scene towards the stairs.
    Outside at the school’s entrance, 3:07 P.M.
    The crowd of students pour out through the entrance door to make way for home.
    Hiro chooses to wait by the entrance door while holding the handkerchief in his hand.
    Hiro thinking (Concerned): Today will be the day I seize the chance to give this back to Tara. She’s bound to pass through the school doors. It should not last longer than five minutes. If not, what am I to do to achieve this? It’s beginning to become such a dread.
    Hiro heaves a heavy sigh of doubt as the students continue to exit the school; Hiro suddenly catches a glimpse of the old woman standing by the gate, waiting anxiously for Hiro.
    Hiro thinking (Surprisingly happy): Well, if it isn’t the charming old woman before class.
    Hiro dashes up to meet up with her. He stands before her by the school’s gate.
    Hiro (Pleasantly): Good afternoon madam. You’ve returned.
    Old woman (Happily): Hello dear boy. Did you enjoy your day of school?
    Hiro (Slightly uneasy): Partially madam.
    Old woman (Concerned): Oh? What happened?
    Hiro (Concerned): Maybe you can be of assistance at my hour of need.
    Old woman (Curious): Do tell me.
    Hiro (Concerned): Well. You see.. I rescued a girl being held against her will by a vile youth-
    Old woman (Worried): A boy attacked her? (Hiro nods) And you saved her?
    Hiro (Serious): Yes. During the fight I suffered a mild injury on my hand. (Old woman stares a little surprised) After fighting gallantly, rendering the brute off his physical strength, the girl I defended nursed my hand by the use of this. (Shows the old woman the handkerchief)
    Old Woman (Nicely): You have it specially cleaned up for her? Why, that’s sweet of you dear.
    Hiro (Pleasantly): Indeed I have madam. As of today, I am to give it back to her.
    Old woman points around him (Curious): Is that pretty young lady the one?
    Hiro turns around and sees Tara, several yards away, getting into her parent’s car.
    Hiro dashes to stop her (Flustered): Tara! Wait!
    It was too late. The car drives off before he can get any closer.
    Hiro (Sadly disappointed): Oh, no.. Foiled again. Luck is not on my side today.
    Old woman stands next to Hiro (Disappointed): Oh, my. I’m so sorry. You were waiting for her outside weren’t you?
    Hiro still watches the car fade away from his sight (Stern): Yes, I was.
    Old woman (Embarrassed): Oh, dear. I can’t help but feel guilty for distracting you.
    Hiro looks at her (Concerned): No, no. You were not. Don’t put the blame upon yourself. I will not accept such a false fault from you. I can not conclude as to how I am going to return her precious handkerchief. Merely puzzled, that is all. (Distant stare) Or maybe I’m being rather hesitant as to how am I going to give it to her..
    Old woman (Calm smile): I think you’ve come to liking her more than you thought dear boy.
    Hiro (Curiously): How am I?
    Old woman (Smile): It’s perfectly normal. If she means more to you in your own way. What is it from her that has your attention?
    Hiro (Slightly confused): I’m not entirely sure. Mmm.. Well.. I think it’s possibly because of her sweet gentle kindness she showed me the other day.
    Hiro thinking (Seriously): Or was it when I met her for the first time..? No.. I mustn’t assume that-
    Old woman (Smile): Then you too, were very courageous and that makes you a nice candidate for a girl like her to spend some friendly quality time with you. Isn’t that sweet?
    Hiro (Slightly blushes): You mean to say that my personality appeals to her?
    Old woman (Smile): Why yes.
    Hiro smiles. Then looks away to stare at the school sternly.
    Hiro (Stern): Thank you madam. I’m afraid I have to go. There’s something I have to do back inside the school.
    Old woman (Curious): Oh?
    Hiro makes a short bow (Smile): But I would like to see you again in good time, for tomorrow is my sixteenth birthday.
    Old woman at first glares somewhat sternly and quickly changes her expression to a smile before Hiro notices.
    Old woman (Happily): Why Happy Birthday dear Hiro.
    Hiro (Smiles): Thank you. Now I must part. Good day madam. (Waves goodbye and walks off toward the school)
    Old woman watches him approach the school’s entrance. She then gives a saddened look before she strolls down the sidewalk with the homeward-bound students.
    Later, Hiro enters Mrs. Hiden’s office at 3:20 P.M.
    He finds her sitting in front of her deck sorting papers.
    Mrs. Hiden looks up to find Hiro standing nearby (Stern): Mr. Jasaki. What do you want?
    Hiro (Stern): Please, I need to find the address by the name of Tara Yuui from your database file.
    Silence for 10 seconds.
    Mrs. Hiden (Serious): That’s out of the question Mr. Jasaki.
    Hiro (Almost pleading): Mrs. Hiden, I beg of you to reconsider why I must go to her home.
    Mrs. Hiden (Serious): Give me one reason?
    Hiro shows Mrs. Hiden the handkerchief (Seriously): Because Miss Yuui was kind enough to loan me her handkerchief after I injured my hand most recently.
    Mrs. Hiden (Stern): You were hurt? How?
    Hiro (Seriously): I was taking a walk around the Rose Garden when I accidentally slipped and scraped myself. Miss Tara spotted me and she was kind enough to repair my hand whatever she could. Therefore, I wish to give it back to her as soon as possible. I don’t see any harm done to reject such a small token of her kindness towards me. I wanted to give her my gratitude as my way of saying “Thank you.” Please.
    Mrs. Hiden ignores him and continues to sort her papers (Serious): The answer is still no, Mr. Jasaki. It’s illegitimate to hand out student information to anyone. Especially to young teenage boys like you. I suggest you wise up and wait until tomorrow at lunch, or after school to give it back to her in person. There should be no argument against it. Am I clear Mr. Jasaki?
    Hiro looks down holding the handkerchief tightly in his hand (Discouraged): Yes. I understand very well. (Turns to leave) Good day to you Mrs. Hiden.
    Mrs. Hiden still ignores him as he walks away towards the office door.
    Hiro stops by the door (Serious): One more question.
    Mrs. Hiden looks up at Hiro again (Sternly): Yes?
    Hiro (Serious): When will Tyrain be out of detention?
    Mrs. Hiden (Slightly mad): When he’s though polishing every plate every student used. Plus the recent report of the broken dishes he was clumsily putting away. He’ll have to starve until he’s done. I will not tolerate a single undisciplined teen. Not in this school.
    Hiro (Sternly): … Very well. Good day.
    He closes it shut behind him.
    Mrs. Hiden places the papers into the file box. She gets up to grab her purse and exits the room; walks down Rose Hall.
    From the room next to the office, Hiro comes out of the room and quietly sneaks back into the office.
    He takes a seat in front of the computer.
    Hiro (Curiously): How on earth does this contraption function? (Stern) Wait. I think Tyrain taught me how once before.
    *Flashback at Loom Bridge: Tyrain and Hiro stand by a tree near the bridge.*
    *Tyrain leans against the tree (Smirk): If you’re gonna search for a file, it’s gonna have a long list full of icons like notes, pictures, videos, documents, music, and all the other goodies us normal people of the future could get our hands on.
    *Hiro (Curious): So how do I find what I need to look for?
    *Tyrain (Smug): Well, first of all, click the “Start” button. Next, move your mouse’s cursor on “Documents.” From there, it should list all of the information on what kind of document you wanna look for. Get it?
    *Hiro (Unamused): If you say so.
    *Tyrain (Annoyed): Heck yeah I say so! How else are ya gonna understand how to use the computer all by yourself? (Hiro glares unimpressed) What?
    *Hiro (Unamused): This technology.. It’s so mysterious. Could people research by textbook of some kind?
    *Tyrain (Smug): Are ya kiddin’? Those old days are over! Why break your neck lookin’ throughout the entire book?
    *Hiro (Unamused): I may want to read it entirely? What if I find it to be of some interest to my liking?
    *Tyrain rolls his eyes (Annoyed): That’s your deal. You read the whole book yourself.
    *Hiro pulls out his old book (Smug): Then I will.
    *Tyrain stares at him holding it (Surprised): Aww, come on! Not again! (Hiro turns his back on him trying not to laugh at him) I’m not gonna stand around hearing you read it out loud again!
    *Flashback ends*
    Hiro moves the cursor on the “Start.” It shows the list of options. Then he moves his cursor under “Documents.”
    The files opens to show various lists of documents and more files. Hiro scans through each one.
    Hiro thinking (Stern): I must find the list of every student in the school. Maybe I can find some sort of clue.
    He spots a file named, “Student Address File.”
    Hiro smirks and double-clicks the file. It opens and he reads through the list of student address documents. Finally, Hiro spots Tara’s address.
    Hiro (Surprised): There you are.
    Address reads: Tara Yuui 2225 Raiden Ave. Tokyo, Japan 79900
    Hiro (Grins): Excellent.
    Hiro exits out of the room and disappears around the corner of the Hall. Evan and his two buddies come out of hiding just two rooms away.
    Evan (Darkly smirks): There’s your guy.
    Mace (Scoffs): Pweh! Him?
    Baz (Grimace): There’s barely enough meat on this guy to chew on!
    Evan (Smirk): Well, he doesn’t seem like much of a beanbag. But he thinks he's so smart and can get away with being a Mr. Nice guy. One down for the count. Heh. He. He.
    Hiro quickly exits the school grounds and stops at the gateway entrance. He looks back at the school.
    Hiro thinking (Sternly): I’m sorry for going against your wishes Tyrain, but I must.
    Later at the front of Tara’s home at 8:15 P.M.
    House is described as a two-story modern home surrounded by an 8 foot brick wall.
    Hiro walks around towards the left side of the house and tries to climb over with some difficulty. He makes it over and quietly approaches Tara’s balcony. He stops to look up with a calm smile. Then he looks around to find a rock to get her attention. He found one and tosses it right at her window door. Tink!
    Hiro grins and waits for her to come. After what seems like two minutes, Hiro attempts to toss a second rock.
    Voice from behind whispering (Furiously): What the heck are you doing Hiro!? (Hiro flinches and drops the rock)
    Hiro looks over his shoulder and sees Tyrain watching with extreme fury.
    Hiro whispers (Surprised): Oh, Tyrain! I didn’t expect-
    Tyrain whispers (Mad): Ya didn’t expect what? A horse!?
    Hiro whispers (Mad): No! I didn’t expect to see you until later!
    Tyrain whispers (Mad): Hiro, this is later! It can’t get any later than Mrs. Hiden ripping my hide out to save your back for eight hours straight! Why are you here?!
    Hiro whispers (Furiously): I must give this handkerchief back! It means wonders to me if it isn’t returned to its rightful owner!
    Tyrain whispers (Concerned): Rightful owner? (Shocked) Whoa! You mean to tell me this is-!?
    Suddenly a clicking sound of the balcony door opens.
    Hiro whispers (Cautious): Hark! I hear her come.
    Tyrain whispers and tries to run (Mad): Then lets make tracks and beat it!
    Hiro yanks Tyrain back by the scruff of his shirt and drags him beneath the balcony, away from Tara’s sight.
    Tara comes to the balcony (Curious): Who’s there?
    Hiro and Tyrain nervously keep their mouths shut.
    Tara (Curious): Hmm, I guess a raccoon or something. (Looks at the night sky decorated with luminous stars and smiles) Wow.. It’s so beautiful tonight. They’re so bright… They do look like fireflies. (Happily calm) Try to catch one in your hand… Any wish can come true.
    Hiro whispers (Smile): Let me do the honor by catching the fairest of stars.
    Tyrain whispers (Mad): Oh, no you don’t..! You try to catch one, you’ll be seeing some stars swingin’ over your head!
    Hiro whispers (Angered): I will not let you disrupt me in my attempt to give this precious item back to her. (Barges passed Tyrain)
    Tyrain whispers as he tries to restrain Hiro from appearing into Tara’s view (Mad): Don’t be stupid Hiro! I won’t be doin’ another bail-out if you muck up this one!
    Hiro fumbles away from Tyrain (Mad): Then we have an accord.
    Tyrain whispers (Mad): Hiro!
    Hiro stands a few feet away from the balcony. He looks up and sees Tara still looking at the sky.
    Hiro (Calmly): Good evening!
    Tara gasps as she spots Hiro waving (Surprised): Oh! Hiro? What are you doing here?
    Tyrain thinking (Unamused): Wouldn’t you like to know?
    Hiro (Concerned): I merely came to return your handkerchief. (Pulls it out to show her)
    Tara begins to blush due to the surprise.
    Tara (Slightly nervous): My handkerchief. You came all the way from the school just to give it back to me?
    Hiro (Smile): Indeed miss.
    Tara thinking (Surprised): He sure talks kinda strange. But he went through all the trouble?
    Tara (Nervously): Uh, thanks a lot. But really, you don’t have to go through all the fuss.
    Hiro (Concerned): It’s in my best interest Tara, because I didn’t obtain the opportunity to tell you how grateful I am that you’ve been so kind to aid me.
    Tara (Nervously): Well, it’s because it was the right thing to do when someone’s hurt. I’m grateful too when you rescued me from Evan.
    Hiro (Concerned): And what was his reason for harming you?
    Tara (Nervously): I was minding my own business writing my notes. Hmm. I think he’s just being a jerk.
    Tyrain whispers (Mad): Wow, she is smart.
    Tara (Smile): The least I can do is make sure I cured my rescuer. (Makes a small laugh)
    Hiro (Smile): And it was so well done by you. Thank you, Tara Yuui.
    Tara (Nervous smile): You’re welcome Hiro.
    They stare at one another for a moment. Tyrain tries to get Hiro’s attention by swinging his arms up & down, but obviously Hiro completely ignores him.
    Hiro (Smile): If I may.. May I have the honor to join you on the balcony?
    Tara stares in amazement while Tyrain stands frozen stiff with a stunned expression.
    Tyrain glares darkly thinking (Mad): Don’t you dare man...
    Silence continues for a while as Tara nervously tries to decide.
    Tara thinking (Worried): I shouldn’t, but he was nice enough… He seems like an okay-guy.
    Tara (Curious): Do you think you can climb up on that tree over there? (Points to the tree closest to her balcony)
    Tyrain gawks hysterically thinking (Mad): WHAT!?
    Hiro walks toward the tree (Pleasantly): Nothing can make it difficult for me to reach you. You have my confidence.
    Tara slightly blushes (Nervously): Just be careful.
    Tyrain seizes hold of Hiro before he starts to climb.
    Tyrain whispers (Mad): Are you insane!? You’re not gonna go up there! Ya hear me!? (Hiro ignores him as he begins to climb up the tree) Hiro! Dang it you nutcase! (Hiro elbows him; Tyrain lets go) Oof! (Angrily) Alright! Fine! Get up there! See if I care!
    Hiro whispers (Unamused): Your wish is your demand. (Proceeds to climb leaving Tyrain gawking at him)
    Hiro huffs up on one thick branch leading towards the balcony. He walks very carefully.
    Tyrain whispers (Mad): I know I’m not barking up the wrong tree Hiro! You’re crazy!
    Hiro easily manages to jump off the branch and land safely on the balcony. He stands before the nervous Tara.
    Hiro hands her the handkerchief (Smile): Returned as promised.
    Tara takes it from him (Tries to smile): T-Thank you Hiro.
    Hiro (Smile): You’re most welcome. I took it upon myself to have it cleaned after I placed a new bandage on my hand.
    Tara (Concerned): Oh, yes. How is your hand?
    Hiro shows her his injured hand wrapped up (Smiles): Well enough to live another blissful day. I would know if I manage to write twenty letters without a single hint of pain.
    Tara (Happy): Sounds great then.
    Hiro (Smile): Indeed.
    A knock is heard at Tara’s bedroom door. Hiro and Tara turn to listen.
    Tara’s mother’s voice (Concerned): Tara?
    Tara whispers (Worried): It’s my mom. Stay out here!
    Hiro cautiously remains outside while Tara rushes inside and closes her balcony door. She pulls out the drapes from the inside.
    Tyrain comes into view from below whispering (Mad): Hiro! Is she back inside?
    Hiro looks down and whispers (Mad): Only for a moment or two.
    Tyrain motions him to come down whispering (Mad): Sweet! Now get down from there Jack and climb down that beanstalk before her parents have a ping pong match using you as the ball!
    Hiro (Mad): Not yet!
    Tyrain (Outraged): Whadda ya mean “not yet!?”
    Hiro (Stern): Shhh! I have something else to ask of her.
    Tyrain whispers (Mad): What else is there to ask?! Ask me and I’ll tell you what you’re gonna get yourself into!
    Hiro (Stern): Shush! We can discuss the matter later.
    Tyrain whispers (Angrier): Earth to Romeo? Where the heck for art thou Romeo?!
    Hiro turns around just in time before Tara opens the balcony door with a look of relief.
    Tara (Happily): *Phew* It’s safe now. My mom was telling me to turn in.
    Hiro (Concerned): Oh, by all means Tara. Of course. Before I go, I wanted to ask you something.
    Tara (Curious): What is it?
    Hiro (Smile): You see.. Tomorrow is my sixteenth birthday. I was wondering if you would do me the honor of accompanying me to a picnic.
    Tara stares surprisingly. Tyrain beams hysterically hoping she’ll say, “no.”
    Tara (Slightly nervous): Um.. Sure? (Smiles) Yeah. Why not?
    Tyrain collapses looking stunned.
    Hiro (Happily): Excellent. Would four o’clock suit you?
    Tara (Smile): Yeah. I think that’ll work out. Anyway, thanks again for the handkerchief.
    Hiro (Smiles): It was indeed a pleasure Tara.
    He takes a hold of her left hand and gently kisses it. Tara blushes hard surprisingly.
    Hiro (Gently smiles): Farewell Tara Yuui.
    Tara watches him jump back onto the branch. Tara rushes back inside and closes the door shut using her back and leans against it.
    Tara holds her kissed hand (Surprised): Returning my handkerchief was one thing, but this? (Blushes really hard) Maybe I shouldn’t go after all. But..
    *Flashback at the Rose Garden*
    * Tara (Surprised): Oh! Your hand.
    *Hiro (Concerned): No need to fret. I can take care of it.
    Tara checks in her bag and ties her handkerchief on his wounded hand- Hiro watches curiously.
    *Hiro (Surprised): No, please. I don’t wish to ruin your-
    *Tara (Worried): It’s no problem. It’s just so it won’t get any more dirt on it when you get home and have someone take a better look at it.
    *Hiro (Calmer): Thank you Tara. That's very kind of you.
    *Tara blushes (Nervously): You’re welcome.
    They stare at one another for a moment- Hiro shows a small handsome smile; Tara gently smiles back.
    *Flashback ends*
    Tara (Anxiously): He.. Was so kind, in his own weird way. He saved me too.. It wouldn’t be nice of me to say no.. Come on Tara. Don’t get so nervous. Mmm… *Sigh* What am I thinking? Let's wait until tomorrow. Maybe I can figure out what he likes. (Moves away from the door)
    A few minutes later at the front yard of Tara’s home.
    You see Tyrain yanking on Hiro’s right arm and dragging him off towards the sidewalk.
    Tyrain lets him go (Mad): I could just smack the tar outta you! What gives you the perfect right to sneak over to her house late in the evening, and climb up into her room!?
    Hiro straightens his shirt (Mad): For your information Tyrain, I was on her balcony. Not in her room.
    Tyrain points and wags his forefinger at him (Mad): Doesn’t matter cuze you‘ve gone too far with all this! I never thought this moment would happen. I swear, it was just like watching the movie of Romeo & Juliet with that Dicaprio guy in it! Almost the same thing! Dang it, you were making me goin’ insane up there! What were you thinking!?
    Hiro glares (Mad): Oh, do be silent Tyrain. There was no wicked deed conjured. Have I gained your trust?
    Tyrain (Mad): No. You’ve lost it tonight. (Walks off) You’d be darn lucky if not a single person in the neighborhood, or some peeping Tom, call the cops and arrest ya for breaking and entering.
    Hiro follows behind (Stern): “Breaking and entering?” I have done no such thing! Why do you assume this?
    Tyrain (Mad): Well for starters, you climbed up to a girl’s room. Ya think her parents want some crazy kid like you to drop by for a visit and give her napkin back?
    Hiro (Scoffs): Oh, be reasonable Tyrain. I was only doing a friendly gesture as my token of thanks.
    Tyrain stops and turns to face him (Mad): Hiro, what you did was a one-way ticket to getting suspended from Roseworth! The decent thing you can do, is wait until school’s out, go over to her front door and say to any of her family members that she gave it to you, and hand it back! Did it ever occur to you that way?
    Hiro stands amazed. Then he lowers his head in bitter disappointment.
    Hiro (Sadly): To be truthful Tyrain… I must confess.. I did know it was the proper way to return what’s lost.
    Tyrain (Surprised): Huh? You knew?!
    Hiro looks away (Distained): Yes.. I do not know what’s become of me Tyrain. All I know deep inside.. I feel as if I were spellbound by her unique presence. Something radiant about her that draws me near to her. Her eyes glistened in the white moonlight. Her graceful hands are like an ivy’s vines reaching for her handkerchief. Her voice echoes sweetly into my ears. What’s more, her face was fairer than an angel’s… I wanted alone-time with her to answer this unusual emotion I dare to understand. The strange feeling still lingers behind me as we speak. Tyrain.. What is the matter with me?
    They don’t speak to one another for a while.
    Tyrain folds his arms (Serious): I know I’ve kinda asked this before, but I’ll ask again.. When did this start?
    Hiro (Stern): From the moment when we heard her name. Our first day of class.
    Tyrain (Mad): Aw, for cyrin’ out loud man.
    Hiro (Concerned): What?
    Tyrain (Mad): You know what your problem is?
    Hiro (Eager): Tell me Tyrain.
    Tyrain (Serious): The problem is.. (Smug) You have a crush on Tara.
    Hiro stares with utter perplexity.

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    Re: A Hiro's Tale

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    Chapter 07

    Hiro (Shocked): A crush? On Miss Tara? Impossible!
    Tyrain (Smug): Hey, I know it sounds crazy to you, but face it man. I practically knew it from the start! (Small laugh)
    Hiro (Mad): You have not. Enough of this bluff.
    Tyrain (Slightly serious): Who says I was bluffing? I’m pointing out the truth about your…(Playful smirk) Feelings. Whooooo..!
    Hiro (Irritated): What has my feelings got to do with Tara?
    Tyrain (Smug): Lets see.. Symptoms for crush-on-a-girl syndrome are acting like a weirdo gentleman-freak, following her only to knock the daylights outta Evan, following her home, and sneak into her bedroom-
    Hiro stomps the ground (Mad): For the last time, I did not sneak into her room! I climbed up to her balcony to return her-!
    Tyrain (Unamused): Handkerchief, I get it already. But at night? Pfft! Please.
    Hiro (Upset): I did have an opportunity to speak with her alone, but certain company intruded in a manner of speaking.
    Tyrain (Stern): You’re lucky her mom didn’t come in to check it out and beat ya up with a sledgehammer.
    Hiro (Stern): I wasn’t referring to her protective mother being intrusive. (Tyrain snaps)
    Tyrain (Unamused): Whatever. It’s a good thing I caught ya before you could’ve gotten anymore stupid ideas.
    Tyrain’s eyes widen in sudden surprise. Hiro glares confusingly at him.
    Tyrain (Mad): Noo! You knew if I was stuck in that kitchen for several hours you’d take your sweet time talking to her all by yourself!?!?
    Hiro (Perplexed): What on earth are you talking about?
    Tyrain (Mad): Ohhh! Don’t lie to me! You knew that I would get on your case if I found out you were going to meet her in person, so you took advantage when I covered for you! Huh!? Did ya?!
    Hiro (Stern): ….
    Tyrain (Annoyed): Crud, now you’re a double-crosser.
    Hiro (Mad): I am not.
    Tyrain (Irritated): Yea, I see it. I save your skin, sit with the dishes, and you get to do whatever you please taking a search into your own hands. The rescue deal from me was that you’re supposed to get into class and start practicing to act like a normal person!! Not going on a search hunt.
    Hiro (Saddened): But Tyrain. You must understand. She is unlike any girl I’ve ever met being concerned about my injury.
    Tyrain (Concerned): Well, you saved her from Evan Almighty, how else was she supposed to return the favor? (Irritated) But that doesn’t mean you get all goopy and start making a big deal out of it!
    Hiro (Serious): But you see, she is a kind and bright young maiden. (Tyrain rolls his eyes) A person I can feel comfortable making conversation besides you. (Tyrain snaps) Honestly, I think she’s not afraid of my unusual character you make amusement to your liking.
    Tyrain (Unamused): I can’t help it, but it’s how I can understand you. (Hiro glares)
    Hiro (Mad): Try then. (Concerned) Tonight I experienced a whole new emotion I find it hard to believe Tyrain. If what you say is true… What can I do to resolve it?
    Tyrain (Unamused): You read your old book with all that romance stuff and whatever the heck you learned from it, should you know by now?
    Hiro (Irritated): This is unknown to my knowledge! How was I supposed to anticipate this action?
    Tyrain (Unamused): Could’ve fooled me.
    Hiro (Mad): Tyrain!
    Tyrain shrugs (Concerned): Well, if you didn’t think you were gonna go zoo-zoo by one new girl student going on the same day as us, we wouldn’t have this conversation!
    Hiro (Flustered): I beg your pardon?
    Tyrain (Smug): Then again, you’re likely to develop some sort of weird episode and it just so happens that you randomly picked her for the fun of it! (Laughs)
    Hiro widens his eyes with shocked perplexity.
    Hiro paces back and forth (Mad): I was not! How could I possibly choose Tara as my pawn to my own thoughts?! Emotions stirring within me were made by me, or from when I looked at her?! This isn’t true! My mind is sane! I’m only being a kind gentleman! Yes, that is what I am! I must be!
    Tyrain folds his arms to stand by watching Hiro pacing (Curiously): Hey nobody’s tellin’ ya not to stop acting like a handsome knight in shinning armor. Except I know you’re not really acting at all.
    Hiro continues pacing (Mad): Tyrain stop it! This is an issue!
    Tyrain (Concerned): Issue? It’s no big deal Hiro, you’re letting it go over your head. And I’ll tell ya somethin’ else, you’re not in a mid-life crisis or whatever.
    Hiro mumbles to himself while pacing (Upset): I don’t have close thoughts towards her. It’s out of the question. Yes.. That’s right..!
    Tyrain (Annoyed): Look Hiro, it only happens when you come across a pretty face and the next thing you know it just might hit you, like bam! Out of the blue. So you got a mini crush. (Shrugs) So what? You’re not the only guy, I can tell ya for sure.
    Hiro stops pacing and lowers his head. Tyrain watches for a response curiously.
    Hiro keeps his head lowered (Stern): Tyrain.. Is there such a thing as love at first sight?
    Tyrain stares somewhat surprised.
    Silence for a few seconds.
    Tyrain (Unsure): Umm.. I think so, but I don’t really believe in it if you ask me-
    Hiro looks up at him (Angrily): I’m not asking if you believe! (Tyrain steps back surprisingly) I was questioning if there is such a thing!?
    Tyrain (Surprised): Maybe, I guess! What’s with the flare up?
    Hiro (Mad): It matters to me because if I happen to be serious-!
    Tyrain (Surprisingly concerned): Whoaaaaaaaaa! Whoa! Timeout Hiro! There’s no reason to get hysterical over a girl you saw on your first day! Back then, I was only teasing you and I didn’t wanna see you muck up your chances in Roseworth, that’s all.
    Hiro (Serious): No. Something did happen. It all started from the moment when we laid eyes on one another.
    Tyrain (Smug): Eh, heh. Well, those eyes of yours need to get de-magnetized because if you two keep locking yourselves up in eye contact, don’t listen for the, “Watch out for that-! Oooh!” from me! (Laughs)
    Hiro gives a huff and walks off furiously (Mad): You cannot listen. Therefore I won’t force you to.
    Tyrain catches up to him and follows (Curious): You’re kidding, right?
    Hiro stops and turns to face him (Angered): Grgh! You have no authority to judge on how I feel towards Tara! I will investigate it on my own!
    Tyrain (Surprised): Hey, slow down Hiro! You’re startin’ to freak me out. I’m not judging you really. Honest!
    Hiro (Mad): Judge? You’ve been constantly the judge of me since we’ve been friends! Time, and time again, I listen to your vile comments on how the way I communicate, the way I think, my training you brutally make a mockery of, my lack of modern knowledge, my weak socialization skills towards others, and how I should react to them in a certain event! But most of all.. The only possession I ever have from my parents is my book I hold dear. After all these years, I’ve grown more accustomed to my family’s only gift and therefore I give it my all, and my loving respect. What pains me is that you’re trying to take that away from me. That is why I cannot change as you’ve hoped to see.
    Tyrain (Concerned): Okay, Okay. So I’m a splat on your face every now and then. I’ll tell you now I’m not trying to pry you away from your book man. I know it’s important to ya. Heck, if I were you, I’d have it close to me if that’s all my parents ever gave me. But if I want to start learning what I haven’t learned from the proper people, I would be a dumbbell. Seriously, I wouldn’t get very far in life to live and understand important things that made today the way it is now. To make a better future, not just for the sake and service to others.. But for myself. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. Your book is not going anywhere. No problem. It’s just right this second, you’re paying too much attention to this girl you just saw yesterday.
    Hiro (Calmer): … Tyrain.
    Tyrain (Smug): And hey, she practically drained ya from all that runnin’ around like you’re some sort of stalker! (Laughs)
    Hiro (Very irritated): I hardly find it comforting.
    Tyrain rubs the top of Hiro’s head (Smirk): Cheer up man! Despite knowing you as a crazy gentleman, I’m dang proud you got yourself a girlfriend! Quiet, but nice. (Annoyed) What gets me is that Evan’s not making it any easier for you to get to know her.
    Hiro straightens his hair (Stern): True. There’s quite a high probability running into this immature idiot again.
    Tyrain (Sneer): Mweh, he. He. He. I liked how you called him by that name. Remind me to say it to him next time.
    Hiro (Unamused): Let me also remind you to not expect any sort of reward in return.
    Tyrain (Smirk): I’ll try my luck anyway. (Laughs)
    Hiro glares.
    Tyrain (Slightly serious): And hey, what’s the big idea having some stupid picnic with Tara? You and I already made plans to go to the Video Arcade Mall tomorrow for your sixteenth birthday!
    Hiro (Stern): Then you will have to cancel for another time. After all, it is I who will decide what to do on my birthday.
    Tyrain slumps grumbling (Sadly): Aww! And I thought I was gonna have the Sky-Rocket Special! All-you-can-eat-for-free hot dogs, ice cream shakes, pizza, and soda fountain for myself. Oh, why did ya have to let it all go down the drain on account of Tara???
    Hiro (Seriously): Yes, think in any way you desire. Argue if you please due to your heart’s content, but you will not disrupt our time together at Loom Bridge tomorrow.
    Tyrain straightens up (Frantic): What!? Loom Bridge!? You’re having her over at Loom Bridge!? (Hysterical) Of all places in the entire world to wit’s end, you pick Loom Bridge!?
    Hiro (Stern): Yes I am.
    Tyrain slumps again (Disappointed): Hiro, don’t you think having a boring picnic at a crusty rusty stone bridge is gonna make a grand time for just the two of you? Couldn’t ya go to a movie, or window shopping for books at least? Something under ‘fun activity’ would work out fine!
    Hiro (Stern): You know I can’t attend to most recreations on my own.
    Tyrain (Grimly): Yeeea? Which is why I’m gonna be keeping an eye out for you so you can go to those places and stand out like a regular person.
    Hiro (Stern): I will act on my part without you.
    Tyrain folds his arms (Serious): Oooh sure. Like I’m gonna let you get away with it again. (Rolls his eyes & mumbles) Taken with extreme caution..
    Hiro (Stern): I will not have you embarrass me in front of her. Any costly mistake from you will disrupt my reputation.
    Tyrain (Confused): What reputation? Your reputation’s been spared by me before Mrs. Hiden could smash it to tiny bits and pieces.
    Hiro grunts (Frustrated): Tyrain. It’s about time I make myself worthy of taking a matter into perspective. (Calmer) Recall what you’ve told me on our first day… Introduce me to new experiences I’ve never experienced before aside from what I’ve taught myself when I was a small boy. Yes, I know this subject concerning relationships is enormously bold. Do you not deny? (Tyrain stares seriously) When we first set foot into the school, I knew there is mischief, gossip, secretive romances, and such to afflict me fearfully in my weakened state, but I try my best remaining optimistic during our stay. However, when I met Tara, I saw it differently. I changed. She awakened a new hope for me to discover a small gallant part of me to dare myself into becoming a full fledged person such as you, or any other simple citizen. I believe she may be the key. Will you, or will you not let me have my time alone with Tara tomorrow?
    Long dead silence between them for a few minutes.
    Tyrain unfolds his arms (Serious): *Sigh* Okay, Okay. You’ve talked me into it. I won’t bug ya. (Wags forefinger at Hiro’s face) But I’m gonna make sure you look normally human enough to impress her.
    Hiro moves it away (Serious): I have no clue to your poor sentence statement.
    Tyrain folds his arms (Serious): I wasn’t making a statement. I was making a threatening demand.
    Hiro glares somewhat darkly.
    Tyrain (Stern): Okay, I know you’re mad at me this second, but could you at least do me this one favor?
    Hiro (Seriously): Do you think it is wise to ask me for favors in this state?
    Tyrain (Unamused): Alright, you’re indirectly saying I’m a dummy, (Getting serious) but I don’t want you to go overboard while talking to her. I don’t think she’ll find it enlightening if she hears ya talkin’ about your sword training, and- (Hiro glares, knowing he’ll mention the book again) Just don’t tell her that’s all you’ve learned since I met you. You didn’t officially go to a rich public school until now. I’ll help ya beforehand.
    Hiro (Stern): Tomorrow, you’ll be the best of help by not being physically there among us.
    Tyrain grunts (Irritated): Fine. Fine.
    Hiro (Stern): Swear on your oath.
    A moment’s pause.
    Tyrain raises his right hand and hides his left arm behind himself (Smug): Eagle Scout’s honor man.
    Hiro makes a tiny smile, you can’t tell much cuze Hiro’s still not too satisfied.
    Hiro (Mid-smile): Thank you Tyrain. I appreciate it immensely.
    Tyrain (Smug): Please. That’s what friends are for eh? You deserve a great time. You two fixed each other up, so it’s fair enough you should have a swell day together.
    Hiro (Smiles a little more): Thank you my brother.
    Tyrain winks (Smug): No sweat! I’m right behind you pal.
    Hiro finally shows a confident smile.
    From the back view of Tyrain, you see his left hand crossing his fingers.
    Tyrain thinking (Seriously): At the picnic.
    The next day at Roseworth High School in Classroom C-73 (3rd floor) at 10:00 A.M.
    Students pour out of class into Rose Hall for the next session while some remain behind in the room (Tara among them). Tara peeks her head out the open window curiously letting the gentle wind blow her hair. On her desk behind her, sits a small green wrapped present.
    Tara (Cheerily): What a nice day! Mmm! I can’t wait to get out there and enjoy it! If I didn’t think this free air is friendly enough, I’d totally miss it out. Perfect to go out on a picnic with Hiro. Mm hm. I think it’ll be great. (Calmer and whispers to herself) I guess it’s not so bad going out with him after all. He seems nice enough to ask me. I’m sure he’ll like the present I got for him too. It definitely wasn’t easy, but I think I got an idea on what he likes. (Giggles) Last night was a bit weird.. I’m surprised his intensions were very good. It’s the kiss he did what strikes me.. *Sigh*
    Girl student {Blonde} taps her on the shoulder (Smug): Hi there Tara.
    Tara looks over her shoulder (Curious): Oh? Hi.
    Girl student (Smug): You look all happy this morning. That’s not like you.
    Tara (Curious): Huh? I don’t know what you mean.
    Girl student (Smug): Oh please, the day-dreamy eyes? I suspect you have your eye on my guy.
    Tara (Confused): I don’t know what you're talking about.
    Girl student (Smug): I’ll give you a hint. He looks cute, but he has a weird way with words.
    Tara (Slightly surprised): You mean Hiro is your boyfriend?
    Girl student (Grim): Now you’re catching on. What did he ask you?
    Tara (Concerned): Excuse me, but I think it’s none of your business?
    Girl student (Sneer): As his girlfriend, I’m entitled to what his business is. Just so you know, don’t get too attached to him.
    Tara (Concerned): Why?
    Girl student (Grim): I’ll let ya in on a secret.. (Leans to whisper) You’re not the popular type. (Moves away)
    Tara (Slightly anxious): If I’m not popular, then how come he kindly asked me to go out with him?
    Girl student (Grim): Maybe it’s just practice. (Mockingly giggles) In fact, he would very much prefer me because I’m well known for a very long time. You? Just a novice nobody on square one. (Laughs)
    Tara (Getting serious): Yeah? Well for your information, he’s a novice nobody on square one too. And I doubt you’d be his type of girl that popular to get his attention. The last thing he needs is you making him into some rock star right off the bat just to make you look good. What I'm saying is, you're not his girlfriend at all.
    Girl student scowls.
    Tara (Serious): Because he's too much of a gentleman to hang around with someone as pushy as you are.
    Tara barges past Girl student (Still scowling), grabs the gift, and makes her exit out the classroom door.
    Tara walks down Rose Hall with a small hint of rage.
    Tara thinking (Serious): Yeah, right. There’s no way I’m gonna let her spoil my birth-date with Hiro. I’m gonna walk out and have a good time and make the best of it no matter what! Hooray me.
    Back inside the classroom, Girl student takes out her frustration by opening up a student’s desk and throws out the belongings all over the room shrieking in utter outrage. She hurls a metal pencil case at the classroom door rail. It whams, but it also made a sneering Evan dodge out of the way as he was getting inside.
    Evan (Sneer): Whoa! Someone’s on fire. Did Tara set you up using a match?
    Girl student huffs as she watches Evan enter the room (Angrily): Evan? What the heck are you doing here?!
    Evan shrugs (Smug): Relax Citron. I’m only here on special purposes only you can bring.
    Citron (Sneer): Humph! You expect me to help you? Last time I did favors you dumped me for another looooser liker her I see you're fishing lately! (Makes the hand signal “L” over her forehead) Duuh!? Are you kidding me!? No way!
    Evan shrugs and chuckles (Smug): I had to. I can’t keep kidding myself forever. (Points forefinger at her) Besides, you walked out on me when you found out. I could've begged for you to come back, but I decided not to.
    Citron (Sneer): Pffffffft! Laugh it up Evan because I’m not gonna lift a finger to help you plus nine more! Get out before I jam this into your head like a pin cushion! (Holds up a mechanical pencil warningly.)
    Evan puts his hands in his pockets, turns his back on her, and remains there (Smug): Fine. Whatever. (Gleams over his shoulder) Just tell me one thing.
    Citron glares.
    Evan (Sneer): How bad do you want Hiro?
    Citron (Cautious): What do you want from me?
    Evan turns to face her (Grin): Heh, come on. Quite foolin’ around. We both know what we want. You want him, I want her. Wanna trade?
    They stare somewhat blankly at one another.
    Finally, Citron sneers wickedly.
    End-Of-School alarm rings (3:00 P.M.)
    At Grand Rose Hall (Leads toward the entrance) Hiro follows beside Tyrain, who is plugged into his iPhone listening to his music that's screaming rather loudly and dancin’ to the beat. You can hear it playing from the ear buds-- This makes Hiro uneasy.
    Music from ear buds as Tyrain dances: I make you kick it! You can’t take it! What do you take me for? Let me show you! Let me show you! I-am-your-king! Yeah! Yeah! Y-Y-Y-Y-Yeah!!!
    Hiro glares with sheer annoyance and yanks on the wire—Both ear buds pop right off from Tyrain’s ears.
    Tyrain flinches with pain and covers his ears (Mad): Oww!! What the heck was that for?!
    Hiro rolls up the wire (Annoyed): You make yourself deaf against listening to me, but you delight yourself into hearing such repulsive words from this small device?
    Tyrain uncovers his ears (Mad): Hey, I gotta listen to my own kind don’t I? It’s the only way I know that my present-day language still exists.
    Hiro (Unamused): You’re impossible Tyrain. I can’t stand how much more I have to endure from hearing your constellation singers.
    Tyrain (Mad): Um, hello? You mean the Core Stars? My all-time favorite band?
    Hiro sighs as he passes the wire to him (Unamused): I’m not impressed. For once, I ask you to stop having them shrieking away at your ears. (Tyrain takes it) It would be rather disappointing in my case if I end up having a deaf brother.
    Tyrain then looks rather nervous and sighs.
    Hiro (Concerned): Why so restless Tyrain?
    Tyrain side glares (Unamused): I’m not gonna complain, so don’t ask.
    Hiro (Agitated): Well, I didn’t expect you to mute yourself. The only favor I wanted from you is not to be with me and Tara this afternoon. Not to speak or squeak a single word before I go.
    Tyrain (Getting really annoyed): It’s the only way I can restrain myself from making a bad comment about your idea of having a swell birthday. A small waste basket and a guest towel as a mat!
    Hiro (Annoyed): I can see you’re taking it lightly. I certainly wasn’t aware how you could put it so bluntly.
    Tyrain (Bugged): Either that or do you really wanna hear?
    Hiro looks away (Oblivious): I spot a nice change of weather up ahead.
    Tyrain mumbles under his breath (Mad): Smart move.
    Hiro stares back at Tyrain (Curious): Have you got the basket?
    Tyrain (Bored): Yeah.. Yeah. I already have it all set up for you.
    Hiro (Grin): Please tell your mother I am most deeply grateful and in her debt.
    Tyrain through gritted teeth (Darkly): I’m the one you should be in debt…!
    Hiro (Unamused): Oh, don’t fret.
    Tyrain (Darkly): You mean threat. (Stops walking and tries to straighten Hiro’s shirt) And fix your shirt! You’re all disheveled! Ya think Tara’s gonna be impressed with a nervous slob?!
    Hiro brushes him off (Stern): My attire is to be left alone.
    Tyrain (Mad): Whatever. If you’re gonna make an impression, at least try.
    Hiro (Stern): Have I ever doubted you?
    Tyrain (Disappointed): Last time I checked, you were sneaking up into her room.
    Hiro (Mad): I’ve told you once before and again, I wasn’t! I implore you to remove that image from your mind.
    Tyrain glares irritated.
    Hiro walk off (Seriously): Enough quarreling. I’m to wait for her at the gate.
    Tyrain remains behind standing there watching Hiro exit the school with the students.
    Tyrain thinking (Concerned): He may have the idea he’s making progress walking forward, but I still see he’s walking backwards in his own looney doo mind! If he expects me to stay behind and hope for the best between the two of them.. He’s got another problem. (Resumes walking and rubs with one hand on his ear) And that’s where I come in. (Annoyed) With what's left of my ears still intact. Dang, did he try to rip em' both out too? Geeze..
    At the Rose Gate Entrance a few minutes later.
    You see Hiro leaning his back against the iron gate waiting quite patiently for Tara.
    Finally, Hiro spots her coming out from the school door. Hiro dashes and stands before her.
    Hiro (Happily): Good afternoon Tara.
    Tara (Happily): Hi Hiro. Happy Birthday!
    Hiro makes a small bow (Pleasantly): Thank you. Thank you.
    Tara blushes and makes a small giggle.
    Hiro (Calmly smiles): What day brings you to smile so much now?
    He notices her looking confused at his choice of words.
    Hiro (Slightly nervous): I mean, how.. What..
    Tara (Curious): How am I?
    Hiro (Joyfully relieved): Y-Yes..! Yes. How are you today Tara?
    Tara (Tries to smile): Oh. Um, I’m fine I guess. You?
    Hiro (Smile): Like a cheerful Sparrow ready to take flight at full might.
    Tara stares a little surprised. Hiro shows a hint of blush.
    Hiro (Nervously): Or should I say I’m… Okay.
    Tara (Tries to smile again): Great.
    Hiro offers his arm to escort her (Smiles): Shall we Miss Tara?
    At first, Tara blushes nervously before she takes his offered arm. They walk together down along the sidewalk.
    Tyrain cautiously peeks (Looking rather stunned) around the gate and watches them shrink further away.
    Tyrain (Surprised): “Ooookay?”
    Later, at Loom Bridge-- 4:16 P.M.
    They approach the bridge and walk across.
    Tara (Surprised): Wow. Is this where you come to mostly?
    Hiro (Smile): Why yes. Many fond memories were made here. (They stop at their picnic spot) Please, sit down. (He gestures her to sit) I made sure it’s most comfortable.
    Tara takes a seat (Smiles): Thanks.
    Hiro (Pleasantly): I’m glad you came.
    Tara (Happy): So am I actually. I never thought this place looked so pretty.
    Hiro (Happy): It’s where I spend my free time generously. (Hiro sits down with her and prepares the meals)
    In a thick bush nearby, Tyrain spies on them with a leering glare. His stomach snarls.
    Tyrain stares at his stomach thinking (Mad): Well I’m sorry, but you’re gonna have ta wait!
    Several minutes later, they are enjoying their strawberry cheesecake.
    Tara (Happily): Mmm! This cheesecake is delicious!
    Hiro makes a small laugh (Pleasantly): Why, thank you Tara. I’m glad it’s worth your liking.
    Tara (Happy): Oh, yes! Did your mom make it?
    Hiro pauses for a moment.
    Tyrain thinking (Mad): Say “yes!”
    Hiro (Smiles): Why yes. She did.
    Tyrain looks down (Relieved): *Sigh.*
    Tara (Curiously): What does your mom do? Is she a simple mom?
    Hiro (Curious): Simple?
    Tara (Slightly nervous): I mean does she work? Or is she a stay-at-home mom?
    Hiro (Grins): Oh. Well, my mother.. She makes extraordinary gowns.
    Tyrain looks up and gawks thinking (Shocked): Eh!?!
    Tara (Surprised): Your mom’s a fashion designer? (Hiro looks a little confused)
    Tyrain thinking (Mad): He doesn’t even know what the heck a fashion designer is!!
    Hiro (Grins): Why yes.
    Tyrain gawks hysterically.
    Tara (Cheerily): Mmm. You’re so lucky to have a mom like her. You don’t even have to worry about going to the department store for sure!
    Hiro (Calmly): Yes, indeed.
    Tyrain pops his head out causing the bush to shake thinking (Hysterical): Hiro!?! What the heck are you doing!?
    Hiro and Tara look around curiously when they heard the rustle--Tyrain quickly ducks his head in time.
    Tyrain freezes thinking (Hysterical): Crud..!!!
    Tara (Curious): Did you hear something?
    Hiro glares around (Stern): Possibly a fox lurking about. (Calmer) Never mind. Would you like another slice?
    Tara (Smiles): Oh. Yes, please. (Hiro passes her another; she takes it) It does taste so good. My mom would say the same thing too. Umm, what about your dad? What does he do?
    Tyrain thinking (Mad): Don’t blow it man!
    Hiro (Calmly): For my father..
    Tyrain beams thinking (Frantic): Don’t’ be stupid..! Don’t be stupid.! Don’t be stupid..!!!
    Hiro (Calmly): He sells the sweetest wine made by the Greek god Dionysus himself.
    Tyrain bugs his eyes wide (Beyond crazed and fuming): You crazy son of a gun!! What are you doing to me?!?!?
    Tara giggled.
    Hiro stares (Curiously): Hm? Have I amused you?
    Tara giggles again (Smile): Y-Yes. It’s funny when you described your dad as a wine master.
    Hiro beams thinking (Curiously): Is that what you call this profession?
    Tyrain holds up his fist thinking (Frantically mad): I’m so gonna get you for this Hiro!!
    Tara (Smile): Sounds like you’ve got a nice family. Do you consider being very close to them?
    Hiro (Calmly smiles): Yes I do. Very much.
    Tyrain turns ghostly pale (Shocked): What kind of boloney is this?!
    Hiro (Pleasantly): We have our time of togetherness almost everyday. I have always been close enough to engrave their memories inside both my mind and in my heart as time goes by rather quickly. It’s a shame it cannot last forever. But the important matter is the memories we make will always be there.
    Tara stares (Surprisingly): Wow.. You must really love your parents a lot.
    Tyrain thinking (Somewhat sadly): Yeah, he does actually. Except they’re not around at all. (Mad) Oh, Hiro why are you tellin’ her this?
    Hiro (Smiles): Indeed I do. (Curious) May I ask what of your family?
    Tara (Calmer): Well, my father’s a gourmet chef at a Italian restaurant called De Lavanda, and my mother works as a landscaping architect for big-shot estate companies.
    Tyrain thinking (Surprised): Wow, a real rich family.
    Hiro (Smile): I see. It would appear you have a remarkable wealthy family.
    Tara (Smile): Yeah. I do. But they would get too busy and don’t spend as much time with me as they hoped.
    Hiro (A little concerned): But they should make time for you. You must’ve been very lonely.
    Tara (Smile): Sometimes, but I don’t let it bother me so much.
    Hiro (Curiously): Why? Why does this not concern you?
    Tara (Smile): Because I know they’re working very hard to do what’s best.. For all of us.
    Hiro stares somewhat surprisingly. Tara starts to blush and reaches for her bag.
    Tara pulls out the present (Nervously): Uh, anyway. Here. (Hands it to him as she smiles) Happy Birthday Hiro.
    Hiro gently takes the gift and unwraps it.
    Tara thinking (Nervously): For a strange talker, he sure is very nice like.. Like he’s some sort of.. Aristocrat.. Or maybe more prince-like? (Blushes harder) Oh, what am I thinking? Get a grip Tara. He’s just a nice guy in his own weird way that’s all. (Calmly) Or… Maybe I kinda like him that way..
    He opens the small box and sees an elegantly Celtic designed 12 inch silver sword.
    Hiro (Amazed): A dagger?
    Tara (Smile): Actually it’s a bookmark. Made out of genuine silver.
    Hiro (Amazed): It’s.. It’s the most beautiful gift I’ve ever seen.
    Tara shows a hint of blush (Happy): Glad you like it.
    Tyrain hangs his mouth open thinking (Surprised): Whoa. What a gift!
    Out of nowhere, a hand covers Tyrain’s mouth (Shocked) and is yanked back hard.
    Hiro looks up to her (Very amazed): Why Tara… I-I don’t know what to say..
    Evan's voice: How about goodbye forever?
    Hiro and Tara surprisingly spot Evan leaning against a tree nearby with his arms folded and smirking cunningly.
    Tara scoots back a smidge while Hiro stands to guard her while holding his sword bookmark.
    Hiro (Darkly): Evan.
    Evan chuckles (Darkly): I didn’t think a low-life like you would go this far with my girlfriend.
    Hiro (Seriously): Your girl? If she was, how come she rejected your idiotic fashion?
    Evan (Smug): Heh. I’m hard to get used to at first. Or just plain hard to get. (Glares at Tara) But you just don’t seem to get it don’t you? At girl like you should know better that a nice guy like me is trying to get acquainted. Mweh. He. He. He.
    Tara stares back with a frightened look.
    Hiro (Angered): You're a fool.
    Evan laughs (Smug): Tell that to him! (Snaps his fingers)
    Baz emerges from the bush holding Tyrain, weakened from several beatings, hostage.
    Hiro (Shocked): Tyrain!
    Tara gasps.
    Evan thumb points at Tyrain (Smug): He’s the fool.
    Tyrain strains his eyes to look at him (Weakly): Hiro..
    Baz seizes hold of Tyrain’s throat and begins choking him (Grimly): Shut your mouth you worm bag! (Tyrain gags)
    Tara lets out a small scream, covers her mouth, and watches fearfully.
    Hiro aims his sword at Baz (Darkly): Release him!
    Baz chokes Tyrain harder (Sneer): Ha! Ha! Ha! Or what? You’re gonna poke me in the belly with that toothpick?
    Tyrain squints his eyes (Agony): H-Hiro…
    Tara watches hopelessly behind Hiro (Scared): Oh, no.
    Hiro (Angered): It'll be far worse … For what I’m going to do.
    Tyrain thinking (Mad): Cut the chatter and save me already!
    Suddenly, a rock struck Hiro’s hand holding the sword--- He drops it.
    Then a flying punch hits Hiro on the side of his face—He falls roughly.
    Tara (Shocked): Hiro!
    It was Mace who threw the punch as he kicks away at Hiro in the stomach. Evan and Baz laugh mercilessly enjoying the spectacle. Baz stops chocking Tyrain and lets him go limp.
    Tara stands and attempts to punch Mace (Mad): Stop it! You leave him alone!
    Mace shoved her away (Ticked off): Out of my way!
    He slaps her across the face—the force of the slap knocks her down. Evan, at first, looked angered.
    Hiro (Shocked-outrage): Tara!!
    Hiro spots his sword next to him. He quickly snatches it, jolts up, and makes a small slice at Mace’s right calf leg. Mace flinches with pain, but tolerates it as he aims a kick at Hiro’s face. Once again, Hiro lays flat like a rag doll.
    Tara (Scared): Hiro..!
    Mace points at him (Mad): And down’s right where you’ll stay you low-life!
    Hiro grunts and tries to reach for his sword again. He almost reached for it when a high-heeled foot stomps on it.
    Hiro looks up and is looked down by Citron smirking wickedly.
    Hiro (Surprised): Who-?
    Citron leans half-way (Wickedly): In case you haven't noticed, I’ve had my eye on you since day one. (Messes with his hair) So handsome.. A nice guy like you prancing around with some shy-novice freak like her just doesn’t cut it, you know? (Tara watches bewildered) How about you dump her? She doesn’t have what it takes to be the school’s top beauty queen. (Giggles)
    Hiro (Darkly): Your title of beauty queen? Obtaining a handsome youth does not rely on your sickening title of an overbearing spoiled witch to cast a love spell to do your bidding. (Citron frowns) No, you will not obtain me!
    Citron (Almost angered): Well too bad. I’ve got you right where I want.. My sweet Hiro. (Giggles)
    Hiro scoots back away from her in disgust and catches eye on Evan walking towards Tara.
    Evan (Grim): Now everybody’s happy. (Then turns to punch Mace—Mace almost lost balance) As for you.. This’ll teach ya not to smack my girl around! (Darkly) She’s mine.
    Mace rubs his face (Angered): Ngh.. Sorry Ev. (Watches Evan resume walking towards Tara)
    Tara tries to back up in freight (Scared): N-No..!
    Evan (Smug): Your Hiro isn’t gonna be rescuing you anytime soon. Why don’t you make it easy on yourself and stay with me?
    Tara freezes with fear and trembles uncontrollably.
    Hiro tries to get up (Angrily): You lay one hand on her-
    Citron stands next to him (Sneer): And I’ll have two hands on you.
    Hiro angrily grabs her by the ankle and yanks her off balance—She shrieks as she falls hard. Evan, and Baz laugh with sheer delight. Mace casts a smirk.
    Evan (Grin): Thanks Hiro for giving my ex a trip to remember.
    Citron (Angrily in pain): Oh! Shut up Evan!! You’re not handling yours either!
    Evan laughs again (Sneer): Oh, yeah? Mine’s on the gentle side. Yours, on the other hand, has more guts to dish out which makes you the ideal couple.
    Citron (Fumes): Ooooooh!!
    Hiro glares darkly.
    Evan turns to Tara (Sneer): As for us.. (Reaches for her arm)
    Tara recoils (Scared): Don’t touch me..!
    Evan (Sneers mockingly): “Don’t touch me!” Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Mace and Baz join in the laughter.
    Tyrain thinking (Weakly): Dang it..! We’re gonna be so busted! Grgh..! I’m sorry I failed you Hiro.
    Evan grabs her forcibly by her arms (Sneer): You’re coming with me!
    Tara lets out a scream.
    At full might, Hiro launches himself at Evan with a flying punch. Successfully whams Evan’s face—Evan lets go of her and almost looses his balance. Evan counters with an uppercut at Hiro’s chin. Hiro’s fall breaks when Mace catches and restrains him from behind.
    Hiro (Angrily): Run Tara! Go!
    Tara tries to break into a run but Citron grabs her by the arm and slaps her silly until Tara falls to her knees in tears. Hiro watches in shock.
    Citron leers at Tara (Wicked sneer): What’s your hurry? The party’s just gettin’ started and you wanna take off? You’re so rude! (Smacks her on the head)
    Hiro flails wildly to break free (Angrily): You treacherous witch!
    Citron wickedly sneers at him and giggles.
    Evan rubs off a little bit of blood from his chin.
    Evan (Angered): You’ve messed yourself up for the last time Hiro. (Walks around and picks up the sword bookmark)
    Tyrain mumbles (Weakly angered): You moronic immature idiot..
    Evan snaps angrily. Baz thrusts him down hard onto the ground—Tyrain yells in pain and is knocked unconscious.
    Hiro (Horrified): Tyrain!!
    Tara gasps.
    Evan walks back to face Hiro and Mace.
    Mace yanks Hiro’s hair back; exposing Hiro’s throat.
    Evan presses the sword against Hiro's throat (Darkly): Hiro.. I’ve had my fun. Now’s the time to finish you off. And maybe we’ll toss you in the alley where nobody cares. People don’t care for trash left behind. Perfect place for you to call home. (Chuckles as he adds a little more pressure to Hiro’s throat)
    Voice: That is enough!!
    Evan, Citron, Baz, Mace, and Tara look up surprisingly and see far off the old woman watching them upsettingly.
    Evan glares (Mad): Who the heck are you grandma?
    Hiro (Weakly surprised): Madam..!
    Old woman (Mad): Disgraceful! What childish mischief have you delinquents proven yourselves!
    Evan (Scowls): Pfff! Oh, and I’m gonna stop beating the living crud out of my cockroach because you’re easily respectable by everyone else? Please, I’ve got no respect and don’t give a dang to anyone! Do us all a favor you old bat and fly away!
    Hiro snarls angrily.
    Old woman (Gravely serious): Shame. All four of you. You should be ashamed by this unforgivable task you’ve placed upon yourselves. Especially for you. (Glares at Evan—Evan returns it with an angered frown) From this moment, your fates have been decided. (She turns to extend her hand towards Hiro)
    Hiro’s book comes flying out from his pocket and it lands right in between the bridge. Book flips open—A dazzling white light ignites from it.
    Evan shields his face (Shocked): What the-!?
    Hiro sees his chance to kick Evan in the stomach (Bends over with pain and drops the sword) and elbows Mace on the ribs (Hunched over with pain). Hiro snatches his sword and rushes to aid Tara.
    Hiro holds her shoulders (Worried): Are you all right?!
    Tara through tears (Scared): Yeah..!
    Citron casts them a disgusted glare and turns her attention to aid Evan.
    The bright light begins to suck in air; forms a vortex. Leaves, rock, food, and sticks fly into the vortex of light.
    Hiro holds Tara tighter and he thrusts his sword to the ground, keeping them both stable in one spot. Tara spots her bag dragging toward them and she quickly manages to catch it.
    Mace tries very hard to implant his feet firmly to the ground from being sucked in.
    Evan is pulled in (Furious): Rrgh!!
    Citron clings onto Evan (Hysterical): Eeek!! Evan help me!
    Old woman (Serious): It is impossible to resist! Yield and enter the vortex to your destinies!
    Hiro & Tara (Shocked): "Destines?!"
    Evan (Angrily): Crazy witch!!
    Citron (Hysterical): I am not!!
    Evan (Furious): Not you!!
    Baz uses his body weight to brace himself to the ground, but the amount of force was too great resulting him being flown towards Mace, Citron, and Evan.
    Baz (Shocked): Watch out Evan!!!
    All three look back and scream insanely—Baz crashes into them and all four dive into the vortex wailing until their screams fade.
    Hiro (Stunned): What form of madness is this!?
    Tara looks back and sees Tyrain (Still unconscious) being dragged towards the vortex.
    Tara (Surprised): Ah! Hiro! Look!
    Hiro looks over his shoulder and spots Tyrain’s body lift into the air into the light. Hiro watches in terror as Tyrain plummets towards the vortex.
    Hiro (Perplexed): Tyrain!!!!
    The force builds even stronger. Tara and Hiro are barely trying to hold on.
    Tara struggles to keep a grip on Hiro (Terrified): I can’t hold on much longer!
    Hiro (Determined): I’ve got you Tara! Be strong!
    Tara desperately keeps her frightened eyes on Hiro. Hiro returns the look with firm reassurance.
    Hiro (Dramatically determined): You’re safe by my hand.. And I won’t let go. Ever!
    Tara makes a small gasp.
    Old woman (Serious): You must let go Hiro!
    Hiro glares (Angrily): I will not!! Only a madman would let go!
    Old woman (Serious): Then you leave me with no choice..! (Raises her hand aiming towards them) I am sorry dear boy.. !
    The earth beneath Hiro and Tara rises up into a full 90 degree vertical angle—They slide down (Hiro still holds both the sword released from the disturbed ground and Tara) towards the vortex of light, screaming to the top of their lungs.
    They enter though the light. Immediately, the disturbed grounds mends itself back to normal, and the light vanquishes as the book closes shut on its own… Leaves fall gently on the book.
    All is quiet...

    Here's a a couple of little fun treats:
    1) The name Citron is French meaning "lemon". It's a nice choice to name her not just because she's blonde xD, but with a sour personality.
    2) Lavanda to describe where Tara's father works~ Italian for "lavender." A cross between a color name and a La-plus intervention.

    I'm sure Steve doesn't mind if I borrow his movie title, "Evan Almighty" for a while.

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    Re: A Hiro's Tale

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    CHAPTER 08

    Hiro [Through his eyes] blinks (Tiredly): Mmm.. Nugh.. (Wakens to blur vision) Where..?
    He sits up to shake his head. He looks about and sees he’s a short distance near an elegant bridge decorated with angel statues- A clear-blue river flows softly. Hiro finds his sword bookmark lying next to him and he hastily grabs it to place it in his pocket.
    Hiro (Cautious): Where are we? (Surprised as he looks over his shoulder) Gasp!
    He finds Tara lying unconscious next to him.
    Hiro (Surprised): Tara! (Gently shakes her) Wake up. Tara..!
    She doesn’t respond. Hiro looks up and finds Tyrain 6 feet away, still unconscious.
    Hiro (Surprised): Tyrain.. (Aids Tara) Tara please wake up.
    Tara moans (Tiredly): Mmn.. (Wakes up) Ugh.. Hiro..? (Fully awake and sits up) Hiro!
    Hiro (Relieved): We’re safe at the moment.
    Tara (Surprised): What the heck happened? Where did we land ourselves into?
    Hiro (Stern): It remains to be seen.
    Tara (Worries): What about Evan?
    Hiro widens his eyes realizing that he has forgotten. He looks around and spots Evan, Baz, Mace, and Citron unconscious by a 10 foot tall knight statue.
    Hiro (Stern): Why question their whereabouts?
    Tara looks around (Nervously): Hiro, where are we? Everything looks the same.
    Hiro stares at the bridge (Stern): Not all.
    Tara sees the decorated bridge (Surprised): Wow. It looks so pretty.
    Hiro (Stern): Indeed it is.
    Hiro thinking (Serious): But.. Something’s not right.
    Tara stares at him (Worried): Hiro?
    Hiro beams at the bridge for a few seconds. Then he gives his attention to Tara.
    Hiro helps her up (Serious): Come Tara.
    Tara (Concerned): What are we gonna do? (She finds her bag lying next to her and takes it)
    Hiro (Serious): Our objective is to discover what’s at the end of this road across this bridge. If we are to solve the mystery of this place, then we must act upon our own judgment. (Walks toward Tyrain) I will take Tyrain.
    Tara (Curious): What about Evan and the others?
    Hiro picks him up and starts walking towards the bridge (Unamused): It would be as meaningless as carrying a box full of wet matches.
    Tara follows next to him (Surprised): Oh, well that’s true. (Happily) Never mind then. Sorry I asked.
    Half an hour later, Hiro and Tara come up on top of a hill towards a vast clearing. They gasp in amazement; an enormous white palace with fantastic skyscraper-like towers, and thin bridges that stretch on for what seem like miles.
    Hiro (Shocked): What in the name of…
    Tara (Dazed): It’s beautiful..
    Hiro (Amazed): This place is unlike I’ve ever seen.
    Tara (Dazed): I think no one, or anyone in the entire universe has ever seen it. (Excitedly) I wanna take a close up look!
    Hiro (Stern): Yes. And perhaps seek help for Tyrain to restore his health.
    Tara takes a few steps forward (Curious): I hope there’s a bunch of friendlies.
    Hiro (Stern): We are about to unveil that mysterious question. (Resumes to head down the path)
    Tara rushes beside him.
    Hiro (Stern): Listen, no matter what happens, no harm will come to you unless you stay beside me.
    Tara (Concerned): I don’t think that’ll be a problem. (Shakes head) No way.
    At the marble gate entrance that stands 40 stories high in the evening (Sun begins to set).
    Hiro and Tara finally make it up to the top of the hill before the entrance.
    Tara (Exhausted): I’d wish there was an escalator back in these days.
    Hiro (Tiredly): My thoughts exactly Tara. But unfortunately for them, they didn’t have the proper resources to illuminate the supposing intelligent mind.
    Tara (Curious): So how do we get in? It’s not like we could just knock on it and expect an answer.
    Hiro (Stern): I don’t suppose there’s some sort of doorbell? (He turns his head sideways with suspicion)
    Tara (Curiously): What’s wrong?
    Hiro cups his hand to his ear (Stern): I hear something approaching in our direction.
    The sound of hoof beats, followed by a rattling cart, comes into view at the top of the hill.
    Hiro struggles to keep carrying Tyrain on his back while guarding Tara as the cart being pulled by one horse approaches them.
    The Peasant driver pulls on the reigns to stop. Cart sways. The driver leans over to glare suspiciously at Hiro and Tara.
    Peasant (Stern): Hello. Well what brings you three here? (Stares oddly at Hiro and Tara’s clothes) What sort of clothes are you wearing?
    Hiro (Stern): We’re from a different city. Our form of style is nothing compared to yours my friend.
    Peasant (Scoffs): I would catch a death of cold in that onion sliced tunic of yours.
    Hiro (Stern): Pardon me sir, but we are in need of provisions and must press on to make our travels back home. Is there a physician inside?
    Peasant (Grumbled): A physician? You better stick to medicine here if you know what’s good for you. Believe me, I know.
    Hiro (Cautious): What is your name and profession may I ask?
    Peasant (Serious): Stephen the blacksmith as third generation in the family. I can tell you it’s no easy task to feed the hungry stomachs of my poor wife and two sons. Times have been unfavorable to us. If I ever make a decent living, I’d be wallowing in riches at the very palace at the far side of the city. Oh, I would give anything to sleep on a bed to never walk the earth for months. Or, better yet, to see my wife’s smile upon me again. Bless her warm heart caring for my young boys.
    Hiro gazes with heartfelt sympathy.
    Tara thinking (Sadly): Poor guy. He must a very hard worker. I’m thankful that my parents are better off than him. Mom… Dad.. I can’t imagine.
    A heavy clang coming from the other side startles Hiro and Tara. The entrance gate slowly opens.
    Finally it opens wide enough to allow Stephen inside (Started moving on). Hiro and Tara didn’t waste any time rushing in with the cart before the doors suddenly begin to close.
    The gate closes shut.
    Stephen calls from looking over his shoulder while driving (Serious): Safe travels boy!
    Hiro watches as the cart is being swallowed up by the sea of people.
    Tara (Nervously): What do we do now? He made this place sound like jerks are gonna pounce out on us any second.
    Hiro (Stern): We press on Tara. Let’s go, and stay close.
    Hiro and Tara slowly walk down the crowded stone road-- Merchants bargaining with clients, doves cooing in their cages, horse riders trot by children running back & forth every few seconds. Some of the people they pass, cast uneasy glimpses at Tara, Hiro, and Tyrain’s clothes.
    Tara (Nervously): I guess we stick out like sore thumbs.
    Hiro (Stern): They have every right to, for we are not from their time.
    30 minutes pass without any trouble—Hiro (Looking a bit fatigued with the weight of Tyrain on his back) and Tara spot the palace about 2 miles away from their location at the central plaza.
    Hiro (A bit relieved): At last, we’re almost there.
    Tara holds her stomach (Upset): Uuuw. I’m getting hungry Hiro.
    Hiro (Concerned): I am too. We should be able to find help in a moment.
    Tara (Upset): Better make it fast. (Stomach grumbles) I miss your mom’s famous cheesecake.
    Hiro (Stern): Be patient a little longer. I promise. (Walks further up—Tara lingers behind)
    Tara tries to barge pass two men (Nervously): Oh, excuse me. Hiro?
    She found space near a market but no sign of Hiro. Tara turns her head to the right and left.
    Tara (Starting to panic a little): Oh no. Did I just get lost in the crowd? Hiro?
    A poor-tattered dressed girl with long brown hair (Frightened) about Tara’s height bumps into Tara.
    Tara almost lost balance (Surprised): Hey! (She spots the terrified poor girl running off) What was that for? (She looks down and spots a big loaf of bread) Wow! A whole loaf of bread? (Picks it up)
    Emerging from the crowd is an angered woman holding a meat cleaver comes running at Tara.
    Woman (Angrily): You there girl! You wretched thief!
    Tara stares (Startled): What?
    Woman draws near (Mad): I saw you taking my bread! I demand it back!
    Tara grows even more frightened and ran off with the bread. The woman runs after her waving the cleaver over her head.
    Woman (Angrily): Stop her! Someone! She stole my bread!
    Tara dashes (Upset): Hiro!! Where are you?! (She shoves her way passed a bunch of people and nearly knocking them down)
    She heads up towards the square where there stands a marvelous water fountain statue of a knight on his horse holding up his lance skyward with absolute bravery on his face as if ready to die in battle. Tara stops near the fountain bending over and breathing heavily. She clutches the bread to her chest.
    Tara (Scared): I think I’ve lost her.
    Voice: There you are!!
    Tara looks up (Scared stiff): Spoke too soon..!
    Not only the woman with a knife emerges from the crowd again, she is also accompanied by 4 heavily guarded armored soldiers carrying streak-sliver swords at their waists.
    Tara trembles and slowly backs away.
    Woman points her knife at Tara (Angrily): There! She’s the one I saw stealing! I can’t stand little wretches like her scampering around like mice near my stand! Tolerance has gone far enough and I want her imprisoned for thievery!
    Tara watches frightfully. Two of the guards take a step side to the left, and the other two guards take steps to the right, allowing a 5th guard to walk through the center.
    Aged at 20, he wears finely carved sliver armor and at it’s center is an engraving of a rose. A violet cape is attached to his armor. At his waist is an emerald-tipped handle of his sword protected in a velvet sheath embroidered with diamonds in a design of vines stretching out to-and-fro. His facial features are blue medium length ruffled hair, fine curved nose, and cold stone eyes.
    Tara gazes surprisingly at him.
    Woman (Outraged): Sir Algernon! I demand you arrest her!
    Algernon (Annoyed): Woman, kindly contain your anger and away with your cleaver. I will handle this matter. (Walks near Tara)
    Tara freezes and trembles hard (Scared): This is all a big mistake! I didn’t steal this bread! Honest! A girl slipped this to me and the lady there scared me with that knife! I mean, what else could I do but run?
    Algernon extends his hand (Smug): You may hand me back that bread young lady. And I promise you no further argument from me, or from her.
    The woman fumes, watching impatiently.
    Tara (Scared): No.
    Woman (Angrily): Ah, as I’ve spoken! She lied! She’s the thief! Will you arrest her?!
    Algernon glares (Irritated): Silence woman!
    Tara (Tries to show some courage): Not until I find my friend! I got lost and I can’t find him anywhere. I’ll give this back when he’s here.
    Algernon (Narrows his eyes): And if you refuse to hand over the bread?
    Tara (Cautiously): I want to find my friend. That’s all I want. You’ve got to believe me. I may be hungry, but stealing any food isn’t what I have in mind.
    Silence between them amongst the chattering crowd.
    Algernon signals to his men while facing the scared Tara (Serious): Then you leave me with no alternative. (Guards 1 and 2 approach near) On behalf of his royal highness King Merced The Greater, you are herby-
    Voice: No!
    Algernon surprisingly spots Hiro moving directly in between Tara and the guards extending both his arms out in front of Tara.
    Hiro (Angrily): You shall not take her!
    Algernon with one lifted brow (Amused): Are you the friend she pleaded?
    Hiro (Leers): I am.
    Algernon (Serious): Would you as to be so kind to retrieve the loaf and return it to me?
    Hiro nods and turns to face Tara. He holds out his hand. Tara nervously hands it to Hiro.
    Tara whispers (Upset): I’m so sorry Hiro. I-
    Hiro whispers (Smiles): Not to worry Tara.
    Turns and walks toward Algernon. Hiro placed it on Algernon’s hand.
    Algernon hands it back to the woman (Smug): Thank you. (Hiro nods in reply a bit sternly) You are not from this city are you?
    Hiro (Stern): No, we are not.
    The woman flees the scene.
    Algernon looks away (Smug): Even your companion lying over there isn’t from here as well?
    Hiro looks in Algernon’s direction—Tyrain lays against the wall of a building 12 yards away.
    Hiro (Stern): All three of us do not reside here in your kingdom.
    Algernon studies him with narrowed eyes. Hiro stares a bit more seriously.
    Algernon (Warningly): Arrest them.
    Hiro at first looks stunned and reacts to the moving guards by throwing a side kick at one and punches on the other in the face.
    Hiro hears a familiar scream from behind and turns to see Tara being seized by the other two guards each holding her arms.
    Hiro (Surprised): Tara! (Angrily dashes towards them with fist at the ready) Grgh! I demand that you unhand her!
    Before Hiro could land a single punch, something cold and hard hits Hiro at the back of his head—Hiro trips and falls unconscious. Algernon stands over Hiro, putting away his sword into his sheath.
    People gasp and whisper inaudibly to one another.
    Tara (Horrified): Hiro! Are you okay?! Hiro?!
    The guard holding her take out some rope and tie it around her wrists with some difficulty.
    Algernon (Mad): Take them away! His majesty will hear about this.
    The 3rd and 4th guard picks up Hiro by the arms and drags him down the road.
    The 1st guard picks up Tyrain onto his back.
    Tara struggles (Terrified): No! Let me go! Hiro! Wake up! Hiro!
    Hiro remains hanging limp as they all head to the palace.
    Peasant woman 1 (Concerned): Who are these children?
    Peasant woman 2 (Skeptical): How would I have known?
    Merchant addressing a client (Unamused): This is why I cannot have a son or a daughter. What mischief they’ll bring. Like those foolish children. Hope that the king will be merciful to them. Or they suffer a brutal beating and be sold as slaves to the many wicked lords of the palace.
    Client (Worried): Surely there will be no harm for the girl?
    Merchant (Sneer): Ah, you’re wrong there my friend. A man, endures his anguish, but it is nothing to what a girl shall bear. Count yourself lucky as a man.
    This frightens the client and moves away to explore elsewhere. The merchant calls out to him, shouting apology after apology. No luck! {Not good for business isn’t it?}
    Later at Stephen’s workshop. Stephen arrives in time to see his two sons shout happily.
    Son 1 (Happily): Father!
    Son 2 (Happily): You’ve come back!
    Stephen pulls on the reigns (Presses a smile): And with my heart’s open embrace! Ha! Ha! Come!
    The two sons hop up on the cart and climb all over him. They all laugh together.
    Woman’s voice: I’m so pleased to see my husband back in one piece.
    Stephen turns his head to see his wife standing by the door (Smug): In the flesh Bridget. (Jumps off the cart) There! Let me lift you two down.
    Grabs each son and sets them down one at a time.
    Son 1 (Curious): Have you got us a present father? (Son 2 beams beside his brother)
    Stephen chuckles (Smile): If you both behave, I will give it to you both.
    The two sons cheer and dash inside the workshop.
    Bridget approaches him (Pleasantly): How was the journey?
    Stephen (Serious): Disturbing. I wouldn’t allow you to make travel on such dangerous grounds.
    Bridget looks in another direction (Concerned): Not again.
    Stephen turns to see what she meant-- watches Tara, Hiro, and Tyrain being taken down the street. They didn’t notice Stephen standing behind the cart as they walk passed him.
    Stephen begins to unload his cart (Almost coldly): Tch. I’ve warned him. My sympathy will not be there with them in their sentence.
    Bridget (Concerned): You’ve spoken to them?
    Stephen lifting a sack (Stern): Of course I did. Those three are not from here. *sigh*
    Stephen looks at them walking further up thinking (Serious): I’ve warned you. They don’t take anyone’s word for anything anymore. Ever since it happened.
    The sun rests above the palace..


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    Re: A Hiro's Tale

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    Chapter 09

    Sun sets at 6:45 P.M.
    Overhead view of three towers (Almost like 200 stories high) like stakes shaping a triangle. Stairway arches connect near to the top of the 3 towers thus connected like a circle.… An eagle soars overhead.
    At its center stands a magnificent 45 story high white palace dome with a grand stairway ascending towards the tall silver palace doors; walls made of clean marble, and the dome roof made of crystal clear glass decorated with an enormous engraving of a rose. Elegant statues of famous warriors and sorcerers decorate both sides of the stairs, posing with meaning to their skill.
    Inside the dome, the throne room doors open.
    Enter Tara, the 2 guards holding her, the 4 guards carrying the unconscious Tyrain & Hiro, and Algernon walk down along the red carpet; it stretches ½ a block and rows of Roman style columns on each side head straight towards the king’s throne.
    As they draw near, Tara gazes anxiously at the empty throne; it’s made of soft marble that’s elegantly engraved with vines and at the end of each handle has a carving of an ivy leaf. A curtain forest of red veils drip around it as if it were like a canopy, but leaving only the front exposed.
    Tara thinking (Scared): This isn’t good! And it’s all my fault for making a scene..!
    After what seemed like 6 minutes down the carpet, they all stop near the throne. Algernon turns toward the guards holding the unconscious captives. He snaps his fingers—Guards set down Hiro and Tyrain on the floor.
    Tara tries to struggle again from their grips (Upset): I don’t know what you’re planning to do next, but leave my friends alone!
    Algernon (Smug): My dear young lady, you shan’t worry about their poor health. Unless it’s not just their health that’s poor?
    At that moment a crowd of servants, maidens, serfs, soldiers, duchesses, and aristocrats enter. They stand near them with curious, yet untrustworthy glares at them.
    Soldier 1 yells (Smug): Algernon! Returned so soon? Have you caught more of those scums?
    Soldier 2 next to Soldier 1 (Sneer): Yet, they may be good to thrash whether they are one of them or not. (Laughs)
    Duchess 1 giggles from behind her hand-fan (Slyly): What about the girl? It’s a shame if you locked up a pretty face like her, who could work as a slave girl instead of rotting in the chambers down below with filthy rats.
    Duchess 2 (Grim): I could have her fetch my things, tend to my precious garden in the rain, or perhaps in the snow? At least she can receive fresh air. (Giggles)
    Tara glares thinking (Worriedly): Ooh, I don’t wanna work for them! I wish I was home right now!
    Algernon (Serious): Let our king be the judge of them. Don’t plan on having her dressed in torn rags to trim your rose buds on a cold evening in the rain.
    Duchesses 1 & 2 scoff at him.
    Algernon points to the guards holding Hiro (Smug): Throw some water on this one.
    A maiden approaches holding a large 4 ft. vase full of water.
    Soldier 1 approaches the maiden carrying the water (Smug): I’ll take it. (She hands it to him and paces away)
    Algernon (Unamused): You?
    Soldier 1 (Slyly): Would you?
    Algernon glares as Soldier 1 passes him.
    Tara (Upset): Hey! Stop it! Don’t you dare do anything to him!
    Soldier 1 (Frowns): Little lady. I’m only giving him a drink to refresh him. Would it be rather careless if my intensions are to not make him well again?
    Tara watches with uncertainty. Soldier 1 smirks.
    Soldier 1 stands next to Hiro and dumps the water completely (Tara gasps) —Hiro jerks to wake up, yell, and sits upright. He spits the water out and starts to rub his eyes.
    Tara (Worried): Hiro!
    Hiro blinks a few times (Wearily): Tara?
    Algernon (Smug): Hold him up.
    Guards each grab both his arms and hoisted him up—Hiro struggles.
    Hiro (Mad): What’s the meaning of this?
    Tara (Upset): We’re inside their palace.
    Hiro (Confused): We are?
    Soldier 1 (Smug): Hm, my intensions served me well.
    Hiro (Angered): And who are you?
    Soldier 1 (Smug): Nothing of importance to you really.
    Hiro (Mad): Then would you care as to step aside if it’s not too much trouble?
    Soldier 1 (Unamused): Tch. This one is a potential nescience Algernon. You have my warning firsthand.
    Algernon (Stern): Need that I correct you, I was the one who saw what potential this boy has in my custody.
    Tara (Scared): Hiro! They’re gonna make us their slaves!
    Hiro gasps and glares darkly at Algernon (Angrily): We did not force ourselves to become your servants!
    Soldier 1 (Smug): Then it was Algernon’s doing who will be the one to force the three of you to become our slaves.
    Algernon (Mad): Silence!
    Horn sounds 4 times in the distance.
    The guards force Tara and Hiro to kneel.
    Soldier 1 grabs Hiro by the hair and forces his head down (Smug): Bow your head too youth.
    Approaches from the forest of veils near the left side of the throne, an elderly adviser.
    Adviser (Stern): His royal highness.. King Merced The Greater.
    From the right side of the throne, their king appears from behind the veil; aged in his late 50s, 6 feet tall, masculine, medium length sliver hair well combed back straight, cold stone grey eyes, and dressed totally in green garments with a long dark red cape whilst wearing a sliver crown shaped like rose thorns entwined to hold a small oval-shaped ruby at the center.
    The guards finally force Tara to stand, but the guards holding Hiro remain having him kneeling.
    Tara trembles thinking (Scared): I really wanna be somewhere else miles away from here. Actually, I’d rather be back at that town!
    The crowd bows. Merced glares with uncertainty and sits down on his throne.
    Merced looks toward his advisor (Stern): Proceed.
    Adviser reads from a scroll (Calmly): Authorities arrested two young lads accompanied by a lady, who are charged with theft, resisting arrest, and attempting assault against the guards down the streets of Bloom Town.
    Hiro with his head still down thinking (Suspiciously): "Bloom Town?"
    A familiar voice nearby
    : Moan..
    Hiro makes a quick gasp and tries to turn his head and sees Tyrain, sitting up with closed eyes, patting with only one hand on his head.
    Hiro thinking (Surprised): Tyrain..!
    Tyrain (Dazed): Aoh, I’m gonna feel that one.
    Hiro (Mad): Tyrain!
    Tyrain blinks (Curiously): Huh?
    Guards step forward to point their spears, which illuminated light-pink energy balls at the tip, near Tyrain.
    Tyrain protects his face with his arm (Freaked out): Yaaaaaah!! Dude! Who the heck are these guys!?!
    Hiro (Serious): Maintain your outburst Tyrain..!
    Tara (Upset): Yeah..!
    Tyrain (Shock): Huh?! Tara? What’s going on guys?!
    Tara (Upset): Can you keep your voice down? Please?!
    Tyrain (Mad): Not until I find out where the heck are we!
    Guard 4 (Angered): Keep quiet boy!
    Tyrain looks up & down at him (Confused): Hey! Are a little too late for Halloween? Because if that tunic-like thing’s your idea of a costume, I gotta tell ya dude, you look stupid.
    Guard 4 (Angrily): Quiet!! (Points spear near Tyrain’s face)
    Tyrain freezes with freight.
    Merced glares at Soldier 1 (Sternly): Unhand him Seath. I wish to see his face.
    Seath lets go of Hiro’s hair roughly. Hiro shakes his head and takes a good look at Merced with sheer anger.
    Merced stares back at him gravely.
    Tyrain (Freaked): Just who the heck are you guys?! Why doesn’t anyone give me a simple straight answer for crying out loud?!
    Hiro turns his head and whispers (Mad): If you keep still we may identify them.
    Tyrain (Mad): Oh, yeah right! Easier said then done Hiro!
    Merced casts a slightly surprised look. Then narrows his eyes.
    Seath walks away from them and stands next to Algernon whispering into his ear (Cunningly): I’m appalled Algernon. I thought you of all people would not hold back on your sense of pride? Have you lost your touch recently my brother?
    Algernon whispers (Smug): Hm, you jest? I see that this case does not amuse you to your liking? Surely I thought you would take some interest at the very least to ensure the security of the town. By the way, I couldn’t help but notice moments ago you were to be posted at Blossom Square when actually you were back to lounge at your fair lady’s home? I sense, abandonment?
    Seath scowls at him.
    Algernon (Smug): Pride Seath? No, I have the maintained allegiance to my duty.. Which is something you neglected to achieve.
    Seath (Angered): Humph. (Smug) Amuse yourself here at this small trial. I do not wish to see your possible humiliation if the king releases these youths. It seems to me this case is so minor, the king would take you as a fool. If not already you are considered a fool Algernon. (Makes a small laugh and walks off a short distance away from Algernon)
    Algernon looks over his shoulder to cast one more look of uneasiness. He sees Seath standing with his arms folded near Duchess 1.
    Tyrain (Mad): You expect me to shut up, sit here, and wait for these thugs to start shish kabobbing me?
    Hiro (Mad): If you wish to live, yes! You just need tolerance.
    Tara (Scared): Please you guys!
    Merced (Angered): Silence!
    His voice echoes and all is quiet for a few seconds.
    Tyrain whispers (Surprised): Whoa. The booming voice dude sure knows how to get people to shut up.
    Hiro glares whispering (Mad): You are among the people. (Tyrain snaps)
    Merced stares at the guards holding Hiro (Serious): Let him go.
    Guards release him—Hiro manages to stand up.
    Merced (Stern): Are you from Vilothorn?
    Tyrain thinking (Curiously): Vilothorn?”
    Hiro takes a step forward (Seriously): No, we are not. Please your majesty. If I may, we do not wish to influence you further as your company. We merely wish to return home from whence we came. We were indeed unfortunate because of our own personal dilemma.
    Tyrain whispers (Worried): You can say that again.
    Merced (Serious): And where are you from?
    Hiro remains silent.
    Merced (Serious): Speak up boy. Tell me where did you come from?
    Hiro (Serious): I cannot tell you your majesty.
    Merced (Suspiciously): And why not?
    Hiro (Stern): Because we exist elsewhere beyond this realm. If you were to ask me, “What is this realm?” I’m afraid I cannot answer it either because it’s a difficult subject to define that has no understanding to your knowledge, which does not apply in this time of rising kingdoms and great wars. You will be overwhelmed which will devastate you your majesty, for even to torture me with whips, and many other forms of lethal medieval tools you possess, you will never know what I know where I come from.
    Guard steps up to grab Hiro by the front of his shirt (Angrily): How dare you speak against our king! You dare to defy his rule to cast out your secret land from your tongue!?
    Merced raises his hand (Stern): Be silent.
    Guard sets him down and backs off. Hiro straightens his shirt.
    Merced stands (Stern): Algernon. Seath.
    Algernon walks passed Hiro towards Tara. Seath approaches Tyrain.
    Both take their swords off from their sheaths and each points it towards their chosen victims.
    Tyrain (Surprised): Oh, crud.
    Tara trembles (Scared): No..
    Hiro looks at Tyrain & Tara (Shocked): Stop! This does not concern them!
    Merced (Stern): They are with you. Therefore it does concern them.
    Hiro glares at Merced (Darkly): I will not betray them!
    Seath (Sneer): If I were you youth, I’d speak up now if I wanted to protect my loved ones.
    Hiro glares at Seath (Darkly): Don’t tempt me you simpleton.
    Tyrain (Smug): Yeah! That’s tellin’ him Hiro! Not the way I would say it, but-
    Quick flash--The tip of Seath’s sword is slightly pressed against Tyrain’s throat. Tyrain trembles a little while keeping an angered stare on him.
    Seath (Smug): Another word won’t pass from your neck if you encourage him again.
    Merced (Stern): Your choice Hiro. Tell us where this “realm” is located and I shall spare your friends. But be warned. If you refuse.. They will be sentenced to execution by the sword.
    Tyrain & Tara watch with shocked expressions.
    Hiro keeps his anger at his stare match between him and Merced.
    Tyrain thinking (Frantic): He mucks this up, I’m gonna be the one after his head!
    Hiro doesn’t budge an answer, yet.
    Merced (Stern): You still refuse to tell me where you come from?
    Hiro glares back (Stern): Yes.
    Merced (Stern): Very well. (Beams at Algernon) Another alternative is in order.
    Algernon moves the sword away from Tara (She sighs with relief) and walks near Hiro. Then he stands beside Hiro 8 feet away.
    Algernon levels his sword at Hiro’s neck.
    Tyrain and Tara watched with shocked expressions once again.
    Tara (Scared): No! Don’t do it! Please! Stop!
    Tyrain points (Angrily): If you so much as lay a single hair on him, you’re gonna be very sorry!
    Merced stares at Hiro (Stern): Perhaps if you were to be executed, your loyal companions may be willing to explain.
    Hiro (Smug): Humph. (Darkly) No matter what I do, you are ready to silence me. And even if I’m gone, they will never tell you. (Merced watches closely) I would rather give my life away to keep my friends alive rather than have them fall to you. I heed to the words of my friends, and from my heart. My choice your majesty, is to lie down not my body, but my sword.
    Merced lifts up a brow. Tara and Tyrain watch with stunned looks. Algernon keeps the sword to his neck with a slight look of surprise at his courage. Seath keeps on sneering.
    Hiro closes his eyes (Seriously): If my defending to save my loved ones is what you call a “crime” and to take off my head is “justice served”… (Angrily with his eyes open) Then so be it!
    Tyrain and Tara gasp.
    Tara (Horrified): Hiro!
    Merced (Stern): It is your choice to decide. You should reconsider your thoughts. If not, only you will be executed within an instant.
    Tyrain (Mad): Hey! Hold on a minute! You’re sure not giving him much of a stinkin’ choice! What kind of stupid king are you anyway?!
    Another Guard punches Tyrain in the face (Angrily): You dare insult him?!
    Tyrain punches back at the Guard’s face (Angrily): Like heck yeah I would! (Tries to stand)
    Two other guards activated their spears and a pair of pink balls, the size of a basket ball, make impact— the balls transformed into energy ropes and tie Tyrain from head-to-foot down to the ground.
    Tara (Scared): Ah!
    Hiro (Shocked): Tyrain!
    Tyrain struggles (Angrily): Look, I don’t get what the heck’s going on over here, but don’t do anything stupid! Don’t let this guy push your buttons Hiro! If you do I’m not gonna lighten up on your back!
    Hiro stares in slight anguish cuze he knows how he is as you’ve witnessed in the previous Chapters.
    Merced (Stern): Your decision?
    Hiro takes a moment of silence. Looks toward Tara, who watches him with a pleading expression. He resumes glaring darkly at Merced.
    Merced hints Algernon with a small nod.
    Algernon swings back and pauses his sword at the ready.
    Tyrain thinking (Shocked): He’s lost it.
    Tara thinking (Shocked): No! Don’t do this Hiro!
    Tara tries to fight the two guards off again screaming (Upset): Don’t hurt him! Stop it please! It’s my fault just let them go! Just leave him alone!
    Guard (Mad): Stand still!
    Hiro (Mad): No Tara. I will not let these fiends enslave you both.
    Tara (Getting mad): But there’s gotta be another way around this! I don’t want to lose you!
    Hiro stares at her surprisingly.
    Tyrain thinking (Surprised): She doesn’t??
    Hiro (Surprised): Tara.
    Tara cries with tears (Mad): I should’ve stayed close to you, I’m sorry Hiro.
    Hiro stares surprisingly.
    Tyrain thinking (Irritated): What the heck? Did I miss something?!
    Merced (Stern): Proceed.
    Hiro looks back angrily and closes his eyes calmly.
    Tyrain thinking (Stunned): He’s actually going through with this?!
    Tara thinking (Stunned): I’ll never forgive myself that he did this because of me!
    Algernon grips his sword harder—Starts to swing.
    Tyrain & Tara (Astonished): Hiro!
    Merced outstretches his left arm with palm open.
    Hiro slowly opens his eyes and maintains his surprise when he sees the edge of the sword barely touching him on the neck.
    Merced relaxes his arm, and in response, Algernon lowers his sword. Hiro beams at Algernon as he puts away his sword.
    Tara looks down with a huge sigh of relief.
    Tyrain gawks thinking (Frantic): That’s it? Is that idiot king out of his mind?! Why is he pulling a scare on us like that for?!
    Algernon steps aside. Hiro returns to look at Merced who made a small grin at him.
    Merced (Calmly): You have the gift of bravery Hiro. You have proven worthy and formed your own justice. Putting your loyal companions before yourself has made you a stronger individual than some of my men.
    Algernon smirks at Seath, who lowered his own sword to put it back into its sheath and stares back with a defeated look.
    Adviser moves closer to Merced (Calmly): If they are to stay your majesty, they should each have their own room.
    Merced glares sideways with a small nod. Adviser leaves.
    The ropes holding Tara on her wrists soon got cut off by one of the guards restraining her.
    A servant enters towards Hiro, Tyrain, and Tara.
    The two guards having Tyrain captive made a small twirl with their spears (Like rewinding a ball of yarn motion) and the energy ropes slither away to float up towards the tip of the spears. Tyrain struggles to stand.
    The guards holding Tara let go of her. She rushes over to Hiro.
    Tara clasps her hands together near her heart (Upset): Hiro! I’m glad you’re okay.
    Hiro places his hand on the right side of her arm for reassurance (Smiles): And so are you Tara.
    Tyrain wipes his shirt thinking (Annoyed): Just what happened to those two while I was out cold?
    Tyrain, with a suspicious look, takes a step back when the Servant faces him.
    Servant (Plainly): Follow me sir to your rooms.
    Tyrain makes a small grunt (Annoyed): There better be a Coke and a chili dog with fries in there cuze I could use one after putting up with you weirdoes. (Servant confusingly stares and leaves him)
    Hiro lets out an unamused sigh. Tara stares with a worried frown.
    Algernon stands by Hiro & Tara (Smug): I’ll accompany you as well.
    Hiro (Stern): You seem to have an interest sir.
    Algernon (Smug): Heh. Very much so Hiro.
    Tyrain thinking (Mad): I get this dope while he gets the executioner?
    Hiro turns to look at Merced, but is surprised to see that he disappeared.
    Tara looks at the same direction (Curiously): What? (Surprised as Hiro) Oh, he left? How come?
    Hiro narrows his eyes (Suspiciously): I don’t know.
    Tyrain (Bored): Who cares?? Can we eat now?
    Hiro (Unamused): Only you can delight yourself on supper in the mist of this place.
    Tyrain (Annoyed): You’d be hungry too after having a metal toothpick shoved at your face, and a giant butter knife aiming at your tonsils.
    Tara holds her stomach (Disappointed): Please, did you have to say food?
    Tyrain (Annoyed): Ya see? She’s hungry too!
    Hiro (Unamused): You have been long declared a bottomless pit since I met you Tyrain. There is absolutely no way to satisfy your “hunger.” (Hiro spots Algernon and the Servant leading the way)
    Tyrain points to himself (Annoyed): Hey, I’m not like you with your stingy appetite. I’m taking care of business for my stomach’s sake.
    Hiro (Unamused): You have been. In every way. (Tyrain snaps as Hiro turns to Tara) Come with me. (They follow Algernon)
    Tyrain walks to catch up with Hiro & Tara (Irritated): Ha. Ha. Very funny Mr. Smarty Pants.
    They enter through the 4 story tall Grand Hall doors—and then they close shut on their own.
    Seath, with a stern look, walks up toward Duchess 1; she is fussed that she didn’t get Tara to be her slave girl and waves her fan so hard, she blew off one of her pink rose-shaped diamond hair clippings.
    She finds it on the ground and bends down to pick it up. Unfortunately, Seath steps on it to walk off elsewhere. The Duchess upsettingly picks it up finally, only to burst into tears that it had split in two.
    The other Duchesses gather around her to comfort her while she sobs uncontrollably.


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    Re: A Hiro's Tale

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    I remember this tale, it was pure genius. CatGirl, you have to get on writing real books, you can become the next best-seller Wink

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    Re: A Hiro's Tale

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    6 hours of reading the whole story and I absolutely LOVE IT.

    It will take some time for me to be a good best-seller like you,CatGirl.

    Please don't stop posting new chapters.
    I want to know what will happen next.

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    Re: A Hiro's Tale

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