Token Monsters

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    Token Monsters

    Post by The Detonator on Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:38 am

    There are no Token cards in KCVDS and a lot of duelists are very sketchy when it comes to what exactly a token is and how it works with card effects.

    Token Monsters appear on the field when card effects allow you to Summon them.
    NOTE: Players in KCVDS will often use Synchro Monsters to represent Token Monsters on the field. These monsters are taken from the Extra Deck and returned when a token monster is destroyed or removed from the field

    Run down of tokens:
    -Tokens monsters are treated as Normal Monster cards (no token monsters can ever have an effect) when on the field. They can attack, switch Battle Position etc. They count toward your 5 card monster limit and can be equipped to card like Relinquished.

    -When a token monster is removed from the field (ie. it is destroyed, removed from play, returned to the owners hand etc.) the token monster ceases to exist and disappears, it is not sent to your Graveyard.

    -Tokens cannot be face-down. This means your opponent cannot target a token monster with "Book of Moon", tokens are simply unaffected by cards that flip cards face-down.

    -Token monsters can be used for Tribute Summons (where applicable), Fusion Summons, Ritual Summons and Synchro Summons. If they are used for these purposes they are removed from the field, not sent to the Graveyard.

    -Tokens can be legal targets of cards that return cards to the players hands, or Deck as a part of an effect.

    -Tokens CANNOT be sent to the Graveyard, returned to the hand or the Main Deck as a part of a cost (as they simply disappear and the cost is not met).

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