Activation and Targeting (Expert Gameplay)

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    Activation and Targeting (Expert Gameplay)

    Post by The Detonator on Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:13 am

    Often duelists get confused about whether a chain will fizzle the effect of a card on the field or whether a card will resolve successfully. This tutorial will explain what happens when conditions on the field change when a chain occurs and what happens to certain effects.

    There are cards and effects that can only be activated under certain conditions or used on certain targets. When a chain begins, these conditions won't always stay the same as what they were when the chain first begun. In some cases, card effects will fizzle and in other cases card effects will resolve normally.
    NOTE: Fizzling is a term used to describe a card which does not resolve successfully because of changed conditions. It is when an effect of a card simply disappears.
    It is important to be able to identify and understand what card effects will not resolve in a chain and what card effects will.

    I. Activating Conditions
    II. Targeting Conditions

    I. Activating Conditions:
    Cards can have specific conditions that sometimes need to be met before they can be activated. These conditions only need to be correct at the time that the card is activated. If these conditions change during a chain then the card's effect will still resolve successfully.

    Example #1:
    Player A has 4 cards in his/her hand.
    Chain Link 1: Player B activates Trap Dustshoot
    Chain Link 2: Player A activates Hand Destruction from his/her hand. (Making the hand = 3)
    -----Chain resolves backwards-----
    Chain Link 2: Hand Destruction resolves - Player A is left with 3 cards in his/her hand.
    Chain Link 1: Trap Dustshoot resolves successfully.

    Trap Dustshoot only requires 4 cards in the opponents hand at the time of activation. After it has been activated, if a chain occurs, the amount of cards left in your opponents hand at the end of the chain becomes irrelevant as the initial conditions to activate the card have already been met.

    II. Targeting Conditions:
    Cards can also have specific conditions regarding its target, when those conditions are no longer correct at the time the card is activated because of a chain, then the card's effect disappears and will fizzle.
    NOTE: Card effects that fizzle; will NOT only be cards that require a target.

    Example #2:
    Player A attacks his/her opponent directly with Mezuki.
    Chain Link 1: Player A activates Mirror Force.
    Chain Link 2: Player B activates Book of Moon
    ------Chain resolves backwards------
    Chain Link 2: Book of Moon resolves successfully - Mezuki is flipped into face-down Defense Position.
    Chain Link 1: Mirror Force does not resolve - the effect will fizzle.

    Mirror Force's effect will destroy all face-up Attack Position monsters on the field. Now that Mezuki is face-down, when Mirror Force resolves, their are no face-up monsters to destroy and the effect simply disappears.

    Overall, the thing to look out for is:
    Does my card require and activating condition? (Example #1)
    Does my card have an effect that affects specific cards? (Example #2)

    Example #2 will be the only situation that may involve effects disappearing.

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