Duel Arena Rules


    Duel Arena Rules

    Post by คlนนนนนนนนนนนน on Thu Apr 21, 2011 4:20 am

    DanceJonDace wrote:Ranked duels are just like casual duels. You must beat your opponent two out of three times, you may side, etc. However, unlike a casual duel you do not earn credits. You only earn points that may better or worsen your rank depending on the outcome of the duel. The points you earn are determined by your Rank Record.

    • Records will be updated for every duelist. Winners gain +1 to their wins (?+1-?). Losers gain +1 for their loss (?-?+1). It must be a Match Duel.

    • We will accept a confirmation/screenshot/video.

    • Duelists caught abusing their records or cheating(I won't give any ideas) will be punished according to the Terms of Service.

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